Toe Trauma

Oh, I was doing so well this morning. Did some yard work in the drizzling rain about 7am. It is so blazing hot here in Georgia that a rainy day is a happy day. We’d had rain the day before, too, guess a lot of the country did and had trouble with their fireworks getting spoiled, but anyway, it was a good time to transplant the poor hosta, which no longer had the shade from the tree that was cut down earlier in the summer. Moved them to a better spot, got them all mulched, got the garbage and some discards to the street, changed the kitty litter and got that to the street, got a shower, and began straightening up the sewing room and other rooms. Rushing around. Jammed my toes headlong into a vintage suitcase. I can't even walk now. My son's friend has lent me his pair of crutches.

Baby Dear at the Beauty Salon.

Baby Dear cuddled back into her cleaned clothes. Her body needs more treatments but she is a happier baby now.

Found the perfect background for the hooked rug. A pink and dark grey large check jacket, only a size 8. I only used the strips that had pink in them, so it was only half of the recovered fabric. Amazingly, there wasn’t any fabric left at all after hooking the circle. I’m finishing it up with a grey curving line and solid Dorr pink wool for the outer section.

Aaah, Second Saturday Sampler is this Saturday at the LQS, so I must work on my alternate quilt blocks.

The Fourth was nice. I made potato and egg salad and three-bean salad and had loads of fruit. With tasty burgers. Yum.

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The Calico Cat said...

that is a great background! and boy does babies hair look nice now! You are a miracle worker!