Aurifil Thread

to Judy: Little Quilts recommends the 50 wt. Sand thread M50-2325 as a good all-around color. It blends in beautifully and is a luscious color. That's all I've gotten so far and I've been using it on everything.

The $2.75 was for any type of quarter yard. Maybe this isn't unusual and I just never noticed it before.


Patti said...

Hmmm - around here if you take a regular quarter yard off the bolt - not a fat quarter - it's sold at the regular bolt price. Seems like what you encountered is a funny way to price a 9" x 40" piece. I guess they want to discourage people from buying so little. If you buy 1/3 of a yard and pay the regular per yard price you are probably getting more fabric for the same money. I bet a lot of their customers do that - at least until they catch on.

Judy said...

Thanks for the tip. Does the sand blend in with even reds or green applique pieces. I almost have a really good invisible stitch but somtimes a tiny bit shows. I'll have to try this!

Now the fabric. That's just highway robbery! I'm afraid I'd have to ask in an inquisitive way WHY they charge like that since it adds up to $11 a yard? I'd want an explanation. At least my shop only does it on FAT Q's since they would be left with another FQ to have to sell, so that I get.

Normally, I alwasy buy 1/3 yds since it's just the right amount. I like having the length of the full width. Ask what a 1/3 yd costs. I agree with the other person that it's more fabric for less $$.