Quilts Early and Antique

These are some of my early quilts that are hanging in my "dressing room" (a small work room like a closet built by previous owner to house part of his wedding video business; it has lots of shelves that are now for clothes). The snowman...

and this is a wall hanging that I made for an apartment front door. I was so much in love with the fabric that had the seed packets on it and had a few yards of it. My neighbor asked to borrow it and I foolishly handed over the whole length assuming she would return it quite soon minus a few seed packet squares. Well, I never got it back and I had lots of ideas for those perfect seed packets. So all I ever got to use were these four. Let's see, that was about 1991.

Then I made this largish wall hanging featuring my toddler son's hand outline and using lovely reproduction fabrics (sorry, it's too dark to see), dated 1993:

Gosh, does anybody know the secret of adding photos and inserting text in between them on this idiosyncratic Blogger?? I've tried all different ways and they are all difficult. Anyway, here are some antique quilts I want to show you sometime. They were bought at a very, very country auction in southern Indiana, close to the Kentucky line. There were gazillions of quilts, but most were recent and not interesting. There were only a few older ones. I got the top one with the "big stitch" quilting that is so popular just now. The bottom pieces are sections from a quilt that is very interesting, I think, a large version of the vase and bouquet pattern. It was in sections for some reason, but I just treasure them anyway.

Well, let's check in on the June Goals:
--June BOMs for LQS (main one but not the alternates)
--Lori Smith Folk Art Applique Block #2 (YES)
--Finish "Neighborhood" (YES)
--Quilt "Busy Ladies" (argh)
--Finish rug hooking (almost!)
--Do quilting on quilt on the frame (there isn't even one on there just now, must rectify)
--Do some work on Lillebet's Garden (YES)


Unknown said...

Love the hand quilt - wish I'd thought to do that when mine were little dots - although a germ of an idea for one with each of our hands in the family - all five of us - is developing as we speak - mmm must go write that down in my 'Quilts to do' book before I forget

The Calico Cat said...

That seed packet fabric was great - too bad it is gone... (I had great ideas for it too & I did not even own it!)

I kind of know how to instert text - drop me an e-mail & I'll tell you what I know.

Tracey said...

Karen! We need to see *each* and *every* one of those antique quilts in that pile! :oP Really! I love looking at older quilts...so inspiring!

Lucy said...

I Love to see each antique quilt you have ... This pile looks so interesting !!