Antique Basket Quilt

Thank you all for your comments on last post. Judy and Laura, yes, it is great fun to take a look at old projects – well, most of the time, sometimes it’s awful and it would be nice just to get wild and throw the project out. Here’s an old project...that I wouldn't throw out, of course. An antique quilt that had ruined, lumpy batting, coarse quilting, and bad backing, so I took it apart and gave it new batting and backing. It awaits quilting and binding. Isn't the basket design adorable? The fabrics are a hoot.

The purple fabric above is a stretchy polyester ha! and is used for several baskets.

The basket fabric above is some sort of loose-weave linen or homespun.


Juliann in WA said...

What a beauty! Love the colors and that basket design is really unique. Thanks for posting.

Laura said...

This basket quilt is so fun and bright, I love antique quilts like this. Wouldn't you just love to know it's story!

dot said...

Just think in about 50 years others will be going over our quilts in the same manner.

Catherine said...

Wow, really fun quilt. love aqua in quilts.