We are considering which Dear Jane block to hand piece at next class. We may do G06. But just look at that center star. It finishes at one inch:

So this calls for paper piecing of the little star, then hand piecing of the rest. Look how small the paper piecing templates are:
Personally, I think Jane must have penciled in this part :-). Or else gotten Virginia of galloping pony to help her out. All I can say is, wish us luck. We are only humans.

The latest Stickle block:

Cotton Charm Quilts is having a challenge this month to finish a UFO. I simply must join:

I made a careful choice from my 1,000 UFOs and have decided to finish Baskets of Posies:
This is from Baskets & Bumblebees by Cabbage Rose, Barbara Brandeburg. What I got stalled on with this (lo so many years ago) is that I created a machine embroidery border for it, put one border on, it looks real cute (really cute), but it's my own design and I would like to make a pattern out of it. So it really ought not be intermingled with another designer's pattern, eh? eh? So not P.C. It must stand alone :-). So I shall rip it off to save for a pattern and find perhaps a cute flowered print (go to thy overflowing stash, Karen, not to the online buy buttons) for the border.

Baskets of Posies is my primary To Finish. However, I would also like to finish this slipcover, especially since I have abandoned it for a few weeks and it is oddly sitting on the loveseat making the whole room look (so typical but) peculiar:

And just to torture myself, here is a third To Finish, my little quilt of LeMoyne stars. This began with Indigo Stars from the book Sweet Summer by Blackbird Designs, but has morphed to other colors and a slightly different design:

Notice they are sitting under my sewing machine table to keep them near the top of the pile.

I started this yesterday. Another project that I was sure I could finish in an hour ("I'll get this out of the way and then get back to the patterns I want to work on"). I worked on that and the DJ block all day. It takes such a loooong time to pick fabrics and get them back in their places (better to use a honey bun like Melisa did), especially since I didn't have very much in the way of the melon and turquoise that I needed to coordinate with the curtains and had to hunt and hunt and reject lots of things that were almost okay. Melisa of Sweet Home Quilt Co. showed this on her shop blog (it's at the end) and powie! it was exactly what I needed to cover the top of my farm table, which one cat (who shall remain nameless but her name starts poorpoor) wants to sharpen her claws on. It is a pattern called Strip Center from The Teacher's Pet:

And in closing, Julie-Ann has posted a picture of her finished Silhouette No.1:

It's such a thrill to see one of my patterns made up by somebody besides me LOL! Thank you, Julie! So do you think there are enough links in this post or should I add some more???


Libby said...

1"?! It boggles the mind . . . . what was Jane thinking?

Julie-Ann said...

Yikes! I don't have any makeup on in that picture and my hair is awful. That is what happens when you spend the weekend quilting and eating!

However, the main thing is the Silhouette lady looks beautiful. I'm thrilled with her.

sewprimitive karen said...

No, it's a pretty picture of you!

MARCIE said...

That 1" star has Jane laughing from her grave! Give me a break! (says the one making 12" blocks from sqs-haha!) Julie-Ann's quilt looks great! and I love that topper! Sweet and simple. So simple that I have trouble seeing YOU making it! And good luck with you slipcover. What a job!

Loris said...

Wow! one inch stars..I had to get up and measure one of my diamond blocks. It has an Ohio star in the middle but it measures 1 and 5/8".
Your block sounds interesting. It will be worth it.
I love the latest Stickle block.

Karen said...

That's a sweet little basket quilt. I am sure it will be an easy finish for the Charming Girl Club.

I think drawing in that 1 inch star sounds like a good idea. Yikes, I can't imagine paper piecing it.

Tazzie said...

My goodness, I can hardly breathe with all you have taken on lately.
I'll start by saying 'good luck hand piecing the DJ block', and finish up with 'can't wait to see how you make up the slip cover'.
Everything in-between - wonderful!

Karen said...

I just finished making G-6! I cut out each tiny piece and hand stitched them together. No paper piecing. I can't believe I did it! Have fun making G-6!

KC Quilter said...

1" stars????? What the whaaaaa???? Old Janey definitely had too much time on her hands LOL!

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Paper-piecing G-6 would have been a real stretch for me, but hand-piecing it??? No Way! I'm in awe that you can do that! I love the colors in your Strip Center! Isn't that a fun pattern - I'm doing another one using a Harmony honey bun for a shop sample. Quick & easy!

Nancy Cummings said...

Hi Karen, Me again. Will you please be sure to bring that book Sweet Summer to class next time. I'd really like to see how they did the Lemoyne star setting.