One surprise was that I really enjoyed piecing this Stickle triangle:

It looks so much like a church I suppose Jane had that in mind when making it, don't you think?
Of course, there's that other triangle that looks precisely like a 1930s radio microphone complete with art deco styling and I don't suppose she knew about those :-).

Next surprise was that I (suddenly and without warning) pulled out this stack of feedsack Second Saturday Sampler blocks that has been languishing helpless for years:

and threw them into their green polka-dot setting:

Last and most astonishing surprise is that there may be some progress on the Torment subject, but it's too soon to be sure yet.


Loris said...

Yes, that Stickle block does look somewhat like a church. Interesting fabric in your block!
And amazing fast work with your feedsacks. The yellow and green are great background to those blocks. It's a lovely quilt!
Still praying and thinking of you about the torment. You've found a good way to spend your time in the process.

Lori said...

The blocks that had been languishing look great! That green really sets them off.
I'm hoping you get some satisfaction from the next door problem. Sounds like a real pain!

Anonymous said...

Lovely block! And I hope that neighbor situation gets resolved. Scary. Hope you have some serious locks on your door and a security system!

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Oh, the Jane block does have an art deco look to it! You have far more skill and patience than I do! I have about a dozen BOM block sets that need to be put together - probably won't happen any time soon. Glad to hear there is progress on the jerky neighbor!

MARCIE said...

How on earth did you have time to do all that with your tormenting situation? Looks so good!

Tazzie said...

I have my fingers firmly crossed.

The Rabbit Factory said...

Yes, your block does look like a church! Cool!

Quiltbirdie said...

Love, love the feedsack sampler. And as for the torment, I hope the tide is turning.

Julie-Ann said...

I love, love, love the feedsack quilt. Sometimes when I am stressed out just spending quiet time quilting is so soothing.

I hope the Torment subject gets better soon. My offer to kick butt for iced tea still stands!

Micki said...

I am so glad that I found your blog, as I am getting into primitive quilts and dolls. I will be a follower of your blog, and posted about your blog today. Your work is wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts.
In Ireland

Karen said...

Excellent Stickle triangle. It does look like a church.