Tabby Cat Chases Bear Up Tree

Did you all see this newspaper article: Territorial Kitty . I love how it's written. Look at the little orange kitty at the base of the tree! My, he's ornery.

My friend, Betty, sent me the link. She has just started a blog: please visit and comment if you can: Day Dreamn World . She is wondering what category to be in and how people will find her blog. I have been promoting needlepunch to her, which she has looked at in the shops. Betty makes doll clothes for her Ginny dolls and Chatty Cathy dolls, which I have done in the past, too. I'm telling you, Betty, you'd love needlepunch. I hear that it was the rage at the quilt market in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. I love it. Betty lives practically next door to one of the best quilt shops ever, Quakertown Quilts, and frankly I am surprised that she has not caught the quilting bug due to the close proximity. She even goes in there and looks around and emerges without buying anything. Perhaps she has an immunity of some kind.

I got one of those very large Dritz metal buttons this morning that you put a needlepunch design on to, and then glue on a pinback and wear it as a pin.

Thank you all for your comments! Gail, bet you're right, the Red Hen probably IS dating the Big Chicken and don't they make a nice couple


Betty said...

Now Karen you know me. I'm the Queen of unfinished projects. I still have a macrame plant hanger from 1977 that I never finished. And I crocheted blue and pink squares for a baby quilt when I was pregnant with Troy back in 1970. They're in a bag on the top shelf of my closet. :)

sewprimitive karen said...

Macrame! Betty, maybe macrame is about to come back into vogue. You are reminding me of a quilt I started for my son in 1989. I cut out some printed ducks and appliqued them to a large block, then added sashing. They were actually intended to be sewn together front, back, and bottom, and stuffed to be a 3-D duck. In fact, I have it on my big quilting table in the basement, all sandwiched and ready to quilt. Funny thing, I have so many of those sandwiches laying around :-). Karen

Betty said...

I don't think we're alone when it comes to unfinished projects!

I hear that cat is for hire. No job too big or too small. :)