Up for Air

Well! Jeanne and I both went to Lyons Township High School, just a year apart, and from different Chicago suburbs. We don't remember any people in common so far, but that is one large school. Even way back in 1969, my senior class size was 1,139 and the school as a whole was over 5,000 students if I remember right. A large school and a great school.

I won't torment you with yet another photo of Neighborhood (oh well maybe just this one):

But it's finished whoo hoo! Mailed the entry off today on the deadline date with loads of time to spare, practically four hours. I can't believe I now possess a Finished Quilt. The "X"s go ALL the way across on my blog Quilt List on this one. Here is the schedule by date I made out two weeks ago when I decided to try to make it:

34 blocks to make [sic! editor's note, 33], 4 made, 30 to go, 4+ blocks/per day, whew, could barely keep up.

Now to clean up the sewing room, do some other chores, and basically come up for air.

Thank you for your comments; so Amy, is a "meme" a form? I've been seeing that word dancing over the internet. And concerning "must be nice to be independently wealthy", from your lips to God's ears :-) .

--Breakfast this morning with a dear work friend, met first day of school last August
--Tom Cats:


Jeanne said...

Glad you got it done and out!
I'll keep thinking of names ... it was long ago and far away.
Jeanne :)

YankeeQuilter said...

You are looking so organized...I'm impressed! I don't know if I'd remember anyone I went to school with...my brother who still lives in the town we grew up in takes care of it for me!

Unknown said...

wow that's a big school 5000 pupils - probably the biggest we have ing the UK is between 1500 and 2000 pupils and that seems enormous to us

Triller said...

Is dat Gaston? What a fine lookin dude! He can come howl under my window any time!

Triller said...

Oh Gaston! You catched a RAT??? Me an Chelsea is in AWE of you! We neber knew a big game hunter befor! All we eber catch is spiders! Your MomCat must be so proud of you! Did she let you keep the head?


Triller said...

Oh Gaston. You were gonna EAT da head! You are not one ob dem troffy hunters den. I taut you was gonna hab it mounted an hung on da wall ober your faybrit snoozin spot..or ober your FOOD dish...


The Calico Cat said...

cutie kitty

yes a meme is kind of like a form.

I have no idea where they begin - maybe in different manners...

In the begining there was tagging - were someone would link your blog & you apparently read their blog regularly so that you would see the link/tag.
I think some people still tag, but a lot more just take the idea and run with it. (like me - I get most of mine from Deb & she doesn't tag...)

So an idea must pop into somones head (a theme of sorts) and comes up with questions/ideas that go with it - everyone who takes or gets tagged then fills in their answers...

You've "got it" (There are no wrong ways to do it) even if this explaination doesn't make complete sense.

Back in the taggin days, it was kind of fun to follow all of tags...

Laura said...

I love your list! That is soooo me! Glad you beat your deadline!