Fabric Stack

Here are some of the dozen girls that go into the "Neighborhood" quilt. Am working on the picket fences that go between them now. Later today, I need to cut strips out of the stack of fabric below, for Pineapple Quilt class tomorrow:

It'll be fun to work with bright fabrics like this for a change. Do you like the floral below the fabric? It is my primitive wooden work table; the top is covered with linoleum that was placed on it long ago judging by how beaten up it is. I love it.

Better get back to work...


Gail said...

Love all those bright fabrics you will be slicing into. The ladies in your neighborhood are fun- I had expected that you just had houses and the center block of hst- neat!

KC Quilter said...

I was frustrated yesterday at not being able to leave comments on blogs--I so wanted to comment on your girls for the neighborhood!!! I adore those. Is it your design? Great job!

claire said...

Hello Karen i am french sorry for m'y english , did you know where Is posible to find or buy the pattern of this doll
Thank you very much
Claire of Avignon

Marilyn Browell said...

I would so love to get the pattern for the little girls. Is it for sale?