Digitizing Delirium

I spent two days or more digitizing the applique border design for Black Bird Lane. Got it all digitized in ten sections sized for the Viking Mega Hoop (not including the reversed sections), but completely forgot that the needle would constantly dance about among Parts 1,2, and 3 throughout the designs on that hoop, and that combined with the difficulty of matching all the rehoopings just made it too hard to do the applique that way. All that time wasted, argh.

Have done some more work on Lillebet's Garden:

including this block:

I love how it turned out. I was sort of dreading doing this one, with all of the Y seams. Did this accompanied by reruns of Season 4 Monk episodes, some of which I hadn't seen yet. What a great show. The one with Jason Alexander as a sort-of detective was absolutely great. The fabrics used:

The four on the right, that is. Don't they look pretty...

Lucy posted her sampler, so here is mine:

A pattern from the Scarlet Letter. The Scarlet Letter's husband used to make these GORGEOUS tiger maple frames and I do wish he still did; this is the only one I have. I worked this sampler while the divorce and custody battle was raging and I marvel that I could work the thing with no magnifiers on back then (ah, youth LOL that is to say the early 40s), although I could only get good enough light by sitting outside.


Tracey said...

Gorgeous, Karen! All of it! You do such beautiful work, whether it be in quilting or in needlework. I also admire that you can digitize...and get something recognizable out of the process. LOL! I have a D1 and the software...and all digitizing gave me was more gray hair. Yeah...I'll leave that up to other folks to do. ;o)

Laura said...

Your fabrics are just luscious!

Jeanne said...

The cross stitch is gorgeous -- I have a whole atack of charts that I'm going to do someday when I "FINISH" all my quilts. haha

Menwhile, it's all your fault: I ordered the Blackbird Lane pattern Monday.

Jeanne :)

Lucy said...

Ohhh wow , what a lovely sampler!! I need to pick up the crosstitch again . I love the result so much !