Surely Not Another Project

So there I was, unable to put down the picture of the 1851-1852 Mary Brown appliqué quilt.  How irresistibly complex, original, and antique.  Love the blocks in the outermost border.  Love the next border in.  Love the center.  

I drafted the 102" square proportions of the quilt in EQ, madly making notes.  On a paper plate.

  102" square is too big for a quilt for me.  I drafted the quilt proportions for 76" square.  Drafted the six motifs in the left inner border.  Traced onto fabric.  Absolutely loving it.

Nice overall size.  Too hard (for me) to appliqué.  Well, then, I will paint it. 

You have to wonder at the start of projects like this if you will ever actually finish it.  After all, there are those other 200 UFOs in the closet :-).

Does anybody know this quilt's current location?  It sold at Christie's in 1991 for $49,500.


antique quilter said...

I actually have two patterns for this quilt and its on the list to make someday. There was one in the Pa show this past year that just was AMAZING!!!!!! I bet it was in Paducah too.
painting it wow that will get it done fast!
good for you! now you have me inspired to get out the patterns again and start it perhaps!

The Calico Cat said...

Paint - PURRFECTLY ingenious!

Karen said...

Does the pain dry soft or make the fabric hard? What a creative idea.

Barb said...

I admire your ambition! this is a wonderful quilt to reproduce.
and a great start

Aunt 'Reen said...

I love how you are painting those borders. Really beautiful! You are putting a lot of work into this piece - it's sure to be a work of art!

Lori said...

You are so talented!! Love what you drew up!!

Jan said...

Incredible! How fabulous to be able to draw out your designs - I am more than a bit envious!

viridian said...

I hope someone can comment on where the quilt is now. What a treasure.

MARCIE said...

Karen, you leave me awestruck! Your drawing, your painting, it is so beautiful. Your talent knows no bounds!