Schoolhouse Angels and other Quilty-ness

Here are the three angels who did my Bountiful Life Schoolhouse for me at Market.  From left, Muriel Pfaff, quilt teacher and re-enactor of historic quilters/quilt history; Donna di Natale, editor (my editor for Bountiful) and author (latest book: Anna's Quilt); and Mary Ellen von Holt, owner of Little Quilts and a legend in the world of quilting:
  Aren't they all the cutest ever?  I am a lucky girl to know these wonderful ladies.  

Did you see Julie's blog with her first two blocks finished for A Bountiful Life?  She is making it for her 50th year Jubilee quilt.  I nearly fell out of bed when I came across her post last April 29th.  It was the last thing I looked at before finally signing off on the laptop and what a treat to see her beautiful Bountiful blocks!

Meanwhile on the home front, I have been dementedly working on drafting blocks for the Mary Brown applique quilt:
The lovable and free-form inner border blocks are a piece of cake but those unique but distorted geometric outer blocks are the very devil since it seems best to push and pull them (by some unknown alchemy) into some sort of symmetry.  As the drafting process slowly drives me mad (and why am I doing this anyway?), I am reminded of the complex (to be polite) mind of Jane Stickle :-).  


julieQ said...

What a new Beauty you are working on!! I am working on blocks 3 and 4 of Bountifullife now...

MARCIE said...

I know that you know I have been as thrilled as you about the whole Bountiful Life experience. You have really proven yourself with this outstanding book! This next quilt looks to be wonderful as well. Meanwhile, I am making 9-patches! LOL!

Libby said...

You must be beside yourself seeing your book and quilt out in the world. I can only imagine as I know I feel a certain pride when I see your book at the LQS - it's a near brush with fame moment for me *s*

p.s. I'm making 9 patches, too. Hey, somebody's gotta do it, right?