Neighborhood: What a Buy

What a wonderful time this is for home buyers, eh?  Not so good for us poor homeowners who might want to sell.  I admire this particular house
every time I pass it on my walking route in my neighborhood of mid-century modern homes.  This is the first time I have seen photos of the inside; I knew it would look just great!  I can't believe they are only asking $260K for it.  Besides being deliriously retro (just look at how tall those sliding glass doors are and that dandy broken staircase), it has five count 'em five bedrooms and a separate apartment.  Somebody is going to get a fabulouso buy.

Here is the listing description with lots of photos:


Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

Great woodsy home...so charming. I see it is in Decalb County, GA. I was born in Decalb County. It's a small world sometimes isn't it?

Libby said...

I was built in 1960, too. I'm going to start calling myself 'a mid-century modern' girl *s*

Unknown said...
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Betty said...

So much of the rest of the country is facing what we in the Houston area went through in the 1980's. Eventually, the prices did come back up but it took many years. We were taking a nose dive while the rest of the country was having a boom. I would have loved to have moved back east, but it became impossible when we lost money and everything got so much more expensive back there. Right now the areas inside the 610 loop do well, but in the suburbs we don't lose, but we don't make much either. If you can wait a while the prices will eventually come back up, but there probably won't be a boom ever again.