Emails from Afghanistan and Sunday Morning

Latest Barbara Brackman CW block...
Made via paper piecing, which takes forever and a day but gets good results. In my eagerness to be a good quilter, I made one section too many, that is now an orphan:


Made another Tag Along Tote to carry supplies for the year-long Winsome Wreaths group. This is an enjoyable little tote to make. The flower came from a little length of vintage lace:

Class is a good group; I am glad I signed up. I have a good idea for a pattern that involves redwork embroidery and wanted to make sure that I know how to do that. I often think I know how to do something and realize at point of need that I do not. First Winsome Wreath block. The one on the red fabric is for the Valentine's bag extra project. Used Transfer-eze for these two pieces; the stuff is fantastic:

Emails from Afghanistan #1:

"Timy has officially gone international. After several days' of delays due to the ice on the roads "making it too dangerous to drive to the airport", the Marines finally took the leap of faith over the Atlantic. We visited Germany...for 30 minutes. So my experience of Germany consisted of drinking a Capri Sun in the USO.

From Germany we flew to the Former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Apparently we wait here, and then take the leap into Wherever-It-Is-We're-Going, Afghanistan.

I always wanted to travel abroad. To countries like Ireland or Australia where they speak English...or at least a funny derivative of English [editor's note: I believe it is we Americans who are the funny derivative of English, eh dear reader?]. It hasn't been too bad though. I have daily opportunities to play charades. I also sound a lot more sophisticated now, as my friends and I talk aloud about the exchange rate between the Euro and the American dollar. Never mind we're just trying to calculate our bar tab at the end of the night.

As I write this, it's 9 degrees outside. I didn't know that the temperature could be expressed as a single digit. We all walk around in 4-5 layers of clothes, beanies, balaclavas, and gloves...all we're missing is the snowshoes. Which I've considered building out of the tennis rackets they sell at the base exchange (not sure why they sell tennis rackets; summery sports seem unfeasible here).

But everything's going fine. For a failed former Communist puppet state, it's really not so bad. And we're all happy for the time to relax before we head out.

I hope you and the cats are doing well. Hope you somehow get through Day Job. I know it is awful."

Mom: "Timmy, come home" [and more in the same vein].

I got started on MotoMail this morning, wrote him a letter, and will await developments. They are supposed to print it out and deliver it to him.


MARCIE said...

Love Timmy's letter! He cracks me up! He has your sense of humor!
Your bag is adorable! You make the cutest little things!
Very cool Lincoln block, and as for your orphan block, it is a strange little thing.

Kristie said...

I know how you must miss Timmy but he sounds very upbeat! Since that you get such wonderful emails from him.

I love your block! I haven't made mine yet but I do plan on paper piecing it. I LOVE how you fussy cut Lincoln, very nice!

Gretchen said...

You know I love Timmy's correspondence--he has a great sense of humor. Love your CW block, I still need to make mine. Adorable stitchery. I've been waiting for a good review of Transfer-eze before I purchased it. So it works well & worth the money?

Darlene said...

Love your new block - the tote is adorable, Karen.

Timmy sounds like Timmy. LOL Wishing him well.

Betty said...

9 degrees! Shows how much I know. I had no idea it got that cold over there. It will be a hundred degrees higher in the summer, won't it? Two extremes. He seems in very good spirits. He can send E-mails, but your E-mails have to be printed out and delivered? At least you can communicate on a regular basis and that's good. Stay safe Timmy!

Kathi said...

Having 'met' Timmy back when he was washing his clothes in fabric softener, it was a pleasure to read his latest message. As hard as it must be to deal with this deployment, I appreciate that you are helping all of us open our hearts to the realities of our participation in war. Timmy helps us know that these young men and women aren't numbers. They're our family.

Sharon said...

Love your CW block...great use of the Lincoln fabric! My best to Timmy, and a big hug to him.

Vivian said...

My friends who do a lot of embroidery absolutely love Transfer-Eze.
I'm so glad you're sharing Timmy's correspondence with us. He's kept his wonderful sense of humor and fantastic writing style. I think of him often. Hugs for you and for him from this Army mom in Iowa.

Thimbleanna said...

I always love your letters from Timmy! And your piecing is just gorgeous!!!

Libby said...

Funny, funny Timmy - I hope he will send photos of those tennis racket snow shoes *s*

Of course, I love latest blocks. Save that little orphan for the back.

Julie-Ann said...

Thanks for sharing Timmy's letter with us. I agree with Kathi. It is a good reminder for us that we are still at war. Sometimes it can seem so distant.

Love the block. I think Mr. Lincoln would, too!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Love your Barbara Brackman blocks! And I really LOVE your tag along tote! It is great!

Barb said...

wonderful block and I love your tote!
It must be wonderful to hear from your boy - he sounds so smart and nice too.

Karen said...

The use of Lincoln's head in this block is very creative.

Jeanne said...

It's good to hear from Timmy again! I
pray he remains safe.

I love your CW blocks, Karen! Your fabric choices are wonderful! They are fun to make.