Guild Speaker Trunk Show

Lots of pics to show from Mary Kerr's "Saving Our Treasures" show at the East Cobb Quilter's Guild today. I have been fighting bronchitis this week but realized if I hurried, I could get to the Guild meeting only an hour late. My first E. Cobb Guild meeting, albeit watched in a fog. Of course, beaucoup ladies were missing since they are in....Houston. Apologies now for the photos that came out fuzzy, guess I'm shaking from the bronch.

First a mini-trunk show from a friend in the audience. This woman reeks talent. You have seen her exquisite work before on this blog. Her color sense. I die. Here is what she had with her:
purse tag

set of blocks. Click to enlarge. Don't they look old and somewhat like barkcloth?? Perfection. She said something about needing to make 66 more and that they would have red sashing. I vote for orange. But this girl knows what she is doing color-wise.

my fave

her Guild name tag. She said I didn't need to obliterate her name :-). Barbara is the one who teaches the excellent Big Stitch class (after you hit the link, hit ctrl-f, type in "big" and it will take you right to her class description).

On to the other trunk show:

oh, what a pretty old Seven Sisters

this one has a cute border, see elsewhere, there's no way I'm going to try to arrange these photos in my deteriorated condition lol

somebody began to replace the greenery but did not finish

ah, here's that cute border although the blue is a little harsh

Anybody who haunts antique shops has seen some unfortunate attempts at quilt "restoration" like this one

oo pretty orange

ah, nice!

do si do sunbonnet babies

back to the beautiful one

I think these are examples of old mends


Quilts And Pieces said...

Sigh...... beautiful!

Karen said...

The one quilt has a whole ton of triangles in in it. It is an interesting quilt.

ann hermes said...

Love the pillowcase (of course!) It looks quite old. Why are we all in Houston?

Julie-Ann said...

Shoot! I forgot all about the guild meeting and I had planned to attend. Look at the beautiful things I missed. Thanks for posting all of the pictures while I kick myself in the butt! LOL

Barb said...

feel better soon!
thanks for the wonderful show and tell.
I love her name tag - too fun!
I agree, orange sashing would be great on her rolling stone blocks. I love the SS in orange :)
speaking of orange - how about some orange juice for your poor cough, have you ever tried heating it slightly and adding honey?

buttonsagain said...

now THAT was entirely too much fun...
i'm so glad that you got to come to the meeting...
and so glad that we got to chat...
(and laugh uproariously)

thanks for saying all of those lovely and kind things about me...and my "makings"

feel better...hugs...bb

Lori said...

What lovely quilts! I got a good laugh out of the one repair job. What was someone thinking?!

Love the show and tell from Barbara too. She is so creative!!

Get well soon!!

Gretchen said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful quilt show this morning! Morph and I enjoyed it. I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Mary said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there! These are beautiful, all of them.

I hope you feel better really fast and that the bad bug is gone. Bronchitis can be so debilitating while you have it.

Libby said...

*sigh* I wanna come there and see them all in person. What a delicious show-and-tell!

Jeanne said...

I would have loved to have been at that meeting! Thanks for sharing.

Micki said...

It would have been lovely attending and seeing all of that!

Karen said...

What a lovely post, very inspiring! Love the tags.

The Calico Cat said...

From your favorite block, you can get that background fabric here:
(I knew I recognized it.)

MARCIE said...

Love them all! The ones in the beginning that your friend made are spectacular! We are such suckers!