Friend Looking for 2002 Fabric (5-6 yards)

Hi there! A dear friend of mine is looking for 5-6 yards of this Andover fabric:
AFAM (American Folk Art Museum) P0260 Pattern 1294 Color Brown from 2002:

Andover offered a free pattern using this fabric called Savery Friendship Star (I don't believe it is in the Archives any more but sounds pretty, doesn't it!). That is what she would like to make with the yardage, preferably in the brown as shown but apparently it comes in red also.

Hope everybody had a great Quilty Day!


Vivian said...

Good luck to your friend -- lovely fabric like this just seems to fly off shelves.
Sorry--I haven't seen any.
I've had wonderful success using missingfabrics.com in the past. The photo + all the info are very helpful on that site. I wonder what people expect who post no photo and write something like "I want 3 more yards of a red and black fabric with little white dots that Andover made a few years ago. I don't remember where I bought it." Honestly--some requests for help are that general.

antique quilter said...

good luck!
I just posted about this quilt and when I made mine when the fabric just came out I couldn't find the fabric so had to use something else in the line...
I am hand quilting it now

Debby said...

I found that "kit" (patterns and fabric, with some completed stars) in with some quilting fabric I bought at an auction. Just checked to see if I have the yardage, but apparently whomever started this (my) quilt bought something else also. She had many yards of a similar design by Jenny Bylar. Sorry I couldn't help! I would have gladly helped out. Don't know if I'll ever finish this project, and if I do, I'd use another repro fabric for the sashing.

Libby said...

Dang it - I got nuthin'. I'm sure it's out there and if it is . . . . bloggers will come through!

Barb said...

I've done searches myself and it's so frustrating!
I hope she finds it