Sunday Evening

I got a tied quilt on eBay that first was in USPS la la land for so long that I reported it as lost (that's all you have to do to have a package arrive the next day, so that's what I did).  The seller sent it parcel post to go from Oregon to Georgia.  I think I would have sent it a different, shall we say, swifter, way.  I was hoping to take it apart and a) use the fabrics for small quilts and b) have more antique fabric reference, because there are plenty of old fabrics in the quilt.  Sadly, the seller did not report that the quilt was a) filthy and had a stench such that it could not be brought inside a house and b) that the fabrics are rotten.  So, using it for small quilts is probably not a possibility but I still have a nice library of reference fabrics.

I took the quilt apart outside on the picnic table, shuddering at the stench the whole way.  Here is the backing, which I love, and some of it might be usable, after its second soaking.  No, that is not dye.  It is filth.
Here is the original quilt:
And here are the Puss in the Corner patches and setting fabric:
Haven't soaked these guys yet.  So many wonderful prints in the nine patches and I love the setting fabric.

Just waiting on the last Temecula block here!

Timothy Update:  He has joyously (Mom: "Timothy, won't you miss me?" Timmy: "No, Mom.") moved into a rental house with two old friends.  They are so excited about this house and the fact that they're all rooming together.  He has done every medical exam necessary for his discharge from the Marines and is just waiting for it to be finalized in early September.  He got a wonderful, glorious German Shepherd a few days ago named Ace.  Here they are moving a queen size bed just purchased on craigslist; there was a tiny slot for Ace to sit in and Timothy has one of the bed legs squishing his thigh:

Oh, Ace!  He looked a little sad the first time Timothy brought him over, which was after their six-hour drive home from south Georgia.  He was back with his breeder after the original buyer returned him.  I'm sure he wondered what was happening and why he wasn't with his dad dog any more.  But the second time, wow, he was one Happy Dog.  Timothy had brushed him till he shone, he had his toys with him, and he had spent the morning at the dog park in Piedmont Park, the Atlanta equivalent of Central Park.

Me Update: The doctor is trying a different drug.  The first one stopped working and the numbers started going back up.  Too soon to know if the second drug is doing anything but I'm telling the c cells every day that they are dead, dead, dead.


julieQ said...

No chance for you c cells...eat dust! How yucky that the quilt was so very dirty, pretty blocks though. I received some fabric long ago as a gift, and it smelled so bad, I had to toss it...have a great day!

KC Quilter said...

Sending hate rays to the c-cells.

What a beautiful dog! Sounds like his name should be Lucky!

Anonymous said...

How old do you think the fabric in the quilt might be?

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, Mimi, you are on "no-reply" so will answer here. The backing might be 1920s maybe? but I could be wrong and it might be older. Then the fabrics in the patches are a range of dates; some are 1840s I think but I am no fabric dating expert unfortunately, wish I were.

MARCIE said...

Timmy and his dog, so cute! You will miss them both! Such lovely colored fabric in that old quilt. Hope you can get the stink out. Your Temecula quilt is going to be a beauty! In spite of being so ill you still get an amazing amount done! Sending prayers!

Taryn said...

You get the perseverance award. Tackling a stinky quilt is awful. I have given up on those quickly and tossed them. When I see what other, stouter, souls have once they are cleaned up I hang my head in shame. I love what you've done with the Temecula blocks. That serpentine stripe is beautiful! Ace is quite a trouper and I am so glad you son is leaving the military as whole as when he started. Now, you get better!!

Jeanne said...

Ewwwww was running through my mind as I read about the stinky quilt. It does have wonderful fabrics, though. Glad Timothy is out of the service now. He and Ace looks adorable heading off in the car. You keep fighting those c cells and I'll keep praying.

Libby said...

Keeping good thoughts that the new meds are JUST what are needed.

What fun for Timmy to be striking out on his own *s*

Sewing Junkie said...

To get the smell out use about 3/4 cup of ammonia in the wash water. It will take the stench out. Great for old kitchen towels that smell also. Chris