Chairs and Pears

I was so delighted to find this very early Country Windsor chair last week at the antique mall:

Looks like it has been tossed into a stripping tank, but you see the traces of black paint and the remains of stenciling.  Looks like it is ca. 1830:
(from How to Restore and Decorate Chairs, by Roberta Ray Blanchard)

Here is the top-slat:
 and what I think I see on it, the typical striping at the sides, grapes and a pear on either side of a cornucopia (not so sure about the cornucopia; it certainly doesn't look like a vase...or is it?):
So far I haven't seen anything resembling this pattern in my reference books.

More pears, this time from sketching on the plane:

More chairs; these are the classroom chairs at Ye Olde Schoolhouse inWisconsin, with a quilt block on the seat of each, so cute and beautifully done!


Carole said...

Sweet! Isn't fun to find treasures? Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

MARCIE said...

Oh those colored chairs and seats are so darling! Is that what you plan to do with your new chair or will you try to paint the back similar to the original? You really see things in old and destroyed things that I totally miss. I am not schooled in antiques. Nice pears also, clever lady.