Sunday Evening & Pat Wys' Spotlight on Neutrals

Oh my gosh, it was so much fun to put this beautiful jigsaw together, although it took me 51 minutes:
It's on the needleprint blog.

As we take a little look around Little Quilts...


...we see a trunk show for Pat Wys' new book, Spotlight on Neutrals. These are such beautiful quilts; congratulations, Pat!

Two Dear Jane triangles:

I wonder if 2011 might be the year that I finish this Dear Jane quilt LOL.

And finally, I made a cheater cloth block for BB CW #40 this week; it printed paler than the jpg, though, so I may end up doing real-life applique for it:


KC Quilter said...

Oooh so pretty! I especially like the one with the baskets in the corners!

MARCIE said...

Pat's quilts are beautiful! And I love the colors in that Hampton Farm quilt. Your DJ triangles are great. I have to wonder how DJ ever came up with blocks in that shape? I can't believe you spent an hour on a puzzle. Apparently the stress is off! Good for you--enjoy it while you are able!

viridian said...

Your dayjob must be better this year, yes?
I am aiming for 2013 for my Dear Jane quilt - 150 years after hers.