Thursday Through Saturday

Now, Thursday was Winsome Wreaths; Muriel, our leader, couldn't be there (here she is dressed up for the Prairie Women group):

so Elizabeth F. led us; just look at the crazy quilt blocks she has been creating:

don't miss the little sheep from the previous block:

Saturday morning, I drove to north Georgia. For the gentle Georgia autumn color? No, for donuts:
They taste like the donuts back at Midwestern Home.

Nice old chimney behind the donut shop:

Besides the all-important donuts purchase, I did manage to do a few October-ish activities such as stopping at Nora Mill

and the antique mall across the road from the mill:

Mill purchases; made the Pioneer Porridge this morning and it was delicious:

Views from the mill:

At an antique mall further down the road (where I found the two-sided quilt top a few weeks ago). Love these textile patterns:

and a sweet Sunbonnet Baby complete with the embroidered details:

The most recent BB CW blocks:

Here is information about the Abolitionist Button.


Impera Magna said...

What a fun adventure... lovely photos! Makes me want to go find me a mill...

Love your CW blocks, esp the Right Hand of Friendship block... gorgeous!

Karen said...

First of all, what makes the gold frame around your one block? Very creative whatever it is.

I love grist mills and we always stop if we come across one. Many are just old buildings not in use any more. We stopped at one years ago and, while there, purchased some "bird seed". I put it in the garage. The pantry was right next to the garage door. It wasn't long before we had weevils in food items in the pantry. I found holes drilled into the bird seed bag or maybe I should say out of the bag. I decided then, we would not purchase anything else at one of those mills.

Jan said...

Great post! I, too, love those fabrics of the antiques. Those hands on your block are just wonderful!!

Me and My Stitches said...

I am astounded by the crazy blocks. They are so wonderful - I love this and so wish I had that talent!

KC Quilter said...

Wow, what a great trip "up the road". Such pretty crazy blocks. 'Specially love those sheep--thanks for the closeup. Are they made with French knots? So nice.

MARCIE said...

What a nice little trip you took. And great photos and shopping too. Love your CW blocks. Very clever!

Betty said...

Beautiful photographs! I would have loved to have gone with you and seen that fall foliage.

I went to Einsteins this week and got pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese. I love pumpkin anything...except pumpkin pie for some reason.

antique quilter said...

thanks for sharing your weekend with us
looks like you had a lot of fun!!!! Love the blocks that fabric with the hands where oh where did you get that!


Vivian said...

My compliments to the creators of the crazy quilt blocks. Wow!

I live in Iowa, but I know the Nora Mill very well. Our son and DIL (when living in GA) sent us gift packages from there twice, and everything we made was delicious and fun. There was a cute metal spoon attached to the bag of spoonbread mix, and we had a handy funnel attached to the funnelcake mix. My favorite was their ice cream grits. Yum!

The photos you shared gave me a peek behind the scenes of the home of an old friend. Thank you!!!

Libby said...

I never realized that donuts could be such a regional thing until we moved to NE and couldn't find a maple bar to save our lives! Vermont was our neighbor to the north - I'm just sayin' *s*

Meggie said...

What a lovely post. All those gorgeous pics.