BB CW #16, #17, Study in Amish, and Repro Divas Past and Future

BB CW #16:

and #17. This is the Comfort Block, or comforter, so I tried to make it look like a tiny comforter with a Red Cross on it and added a few comforter ties:

Wanda C. made the Shipshewana Amish pattern from last month's Study in Amish class:

and now has a set of three from the class patterns. She plans to make the fourth one, the Arthur, Illinois, Amish quilt. It's so much fun for me to see my patterns made by others besides me LOL and aren't they darling??

Show and Tell from Repro Divas.
I made this bed quilt, inspired by the one like it in the Infinite Variety armory show. Sun shining behind it, washing it out. Background is actually a pretty golden print; dark fabric is a Morris Tapestry:

Rembrandt doesn't even have to show up at Repro Divas to get a present (from Becky):

A cute brown tree block:

Heavenly, by Muriel:

The adorable little birds!:

Enlarge this! The batik background! By Janice. It's too perfect:

Just look at this. Blocks from the recent Repro Swap, made by Muriel. The border. Really, could you die??

This Show and Tell from Janice is a quick quilt from a jelly roll. Very quick. I forget how you do it. You probably all know. Something about sewing them end to end, then snip snip and you have a quilt!

at an antique mall....:

This is for the next Repro Divas; our assignment is to make the Civil War Scraps quilt from the Kathleen Tracy book:


Me and My Stitches said...

Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful quilts!

antique quilter said...

so many wonderful quilts, great show and tell here!
love the last quilt, that would be fun to make.
The tree block quilt is wonderful, nice that you were inspired by the red and white exhibit too!!!!
nice to see your patterns made by others, amish quilts and solids are talking to me now so
your quilts look great!

Lori said...

I always love seeing what you have to share! The Amish quilts are wonderful and how cool to see them all at once.

I like your red cross block a lot!!

Vivian said...

Lovely quilts, impressive blocks--just a great post from beginning to end.
A show and tell can't get any better than this. Thanks for the Saturday morning treat.

Libby said...

You are a clever girl - of course a comfort block should be just like a comforter *s*
Those trees just about sent me over the moon. I have a serious 'need' to make a quilt with those blocks . . . someday.

Betty said...

Very nice assortment of quilts and wasn't Rembrandt lucky to not be forgotten?

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful quilts!!!! Happy Easter!

Barb said...

what a fun post. thanks for sharing so many quilts. the repro diva blocks are great.

MARCIE said...

Too many wonderful things to comment on. Wonderful quilts! Love all the trees!