Marcie's Inca Gold and Brenda (Dear Jane) Papadakis

Two good Saturdays. Today, I finished a large quilt top that I have been working on since last Sunday using Marcie's Inca Gold pattern. Sorry, Marcie, couldn't get the bottom off the ground there:
Marcie's directions are wonderful. I didn't want this to get put aside until it was completely done, so I just kept at it.

And last Saturday, Brenda Papadakis was at Little Quilts! Here she is posing with my Dear Jane center section:
I really enjoyed having a word now and then with Brenda as I worked that day. Brenda is passionate about fabrics and mentioned several quilts of all types that she is very interested in making just in the little bit that we talked. I'm glad I got to meet you, Brenda!


antique quilter said...

love seeing your DJ quilt! How fun that you got to show it to Brenda and chat with her.
Your version of Marcies quilt is just so pretty, love the fabrics you chose, great purple :)

Lori said...

Inca gold is so pretty! You got that assembled so fast!! Way to go!!

How fun to meet Brenda! Your DJ is so pretty!!

Karen said...

That was fast work on Marcie's new quilt pattern!

MJinMichigan said...

Your Dear Jane is looking good. That's so neat that you got a picture of it with Brenda. She came to my quilt guild several years ago and was really inspiring.

MARCIE said...

You have to be seriously wowed to have Brenda holding your fabulous version of her famous DJ quilt! I wish you were in the picture with her!
And I am stunned that you finished Inca Gold! You are truly amazing, and it looks great!

Sue-Anne said...

Your Inca Gold quilt is stunning and how exciting to meet Brenda and have a photo of her holding your Dear Jane!

Robin said...

How cool that you not only got to hang out with Brenda some, but that you could share your DJ with her!

Inca Gold is stunning. Wow!

Heckety said...

Golly your DJ quilt is amazing- all that teenie work! I should think the Inca Gold pattern came as a bit of a relief/contrast? Its so bold and lovely to look at in a different way.

Micki said...

Your Dear Jane is gorgeous!
You did an amazing job!

Marlublu said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! I admire anybody who is willing to sew those tiny blocks. I don't think I ever could.