More Show and Tell

There is a monthly reading program going on at Day Job this year; this is a centerpiece I made for the monthly luncheon, for Romiette and Julio. Chosen students get to eat lunch with the principal. I made Romiette's journal with deckled pages and one of the diary entries written inside, the Scientific Soul Mate System kit that Destiny ordered through the mail, things that Romiette liked to collect (buttons, foil, safety pins), and things that Julio likes to do (play mandolin, swim, etc.):

Timothy has been eating from wall to wall during his leave; he even tried out one of the cooking chocolate squares. Yes, Timmy, it is unsweetened, just like it says on the box:

Have never seen this, but Rembrandt decided to join Jack on the chair. At first they were miserable, but they ended up sleeping cozily:

The two most recent DJs:

Courtesy of Kathy our Leader, photos from the day version of Repro Divas:


MARCIE said...

Who is Jack? When did he join the clan? And poor Timmy--I remember trying that Baker's choc. out of desperation when I was a kid. Your DJ blocks are darling!!! And I love the GW quilts. What great ideas!

Betty said...

Great idea for a centerpiece. I'm sure having lunch with the principal is a lot of fun for the kids.

I like the round container with George's face.

My cats are like that too. Rarely sleep together. Actually, they were both probably holding out and hoping the other would leave.

Julie-Ann said...

I remember trying to eat baking chocolate once. Yuck!

I love all the "Georges." The hat box is very clever, but I still think your idea is the very best!

Lori said...

Your DJ blocks are wonderful as usual! I love the quilts from the Geo Washington challenge. They are all so unique!!
So, how'd Timmy like the chocolate?! LOL

Micki said...

The Washington quilts are just incredible. I love them!

Pam said...

I love the centerpiece. Reading is so important and lunch with the principal an honor.

Love the Washington quilt pieces and box.

Karen said...

The use of George on the box lid is unique. A good idea. I have enjoyed seeing all the projects utilizing this fabric.

galloping pony said...

I love the fabrics you're choosing for your Dear Janes, they're wonderful!