The Day Before

Happy Day tomorrow!
Such a delicious meal. Isn't it interesting to see how the menu, which must never vary in each household, varies from house to house? Here is mine:
cold relish tray
mashed "potatoes" (mostly cauliflower)
peas with pearl onions
red cabbage with apples
pumpkin pie

But in the meantime :-) here is the first block of A Perfect Garden. But wait! Where is the urn? What am I going to do for the urn fabric??

Oh, here it is! Ady, from Israel, had the very fabric and mailed it to me:

Thank you, Ady, thank you! I just couldn't start this pattern, that I have loved since first seeing it years ago, until I had that urn fabric, and I desperately wanted the same sashing and watermelon ombre used in the border. Now, thanks to I.D. and mailings by both Ady and MJ, I have the sashing (well, I managed to find and order the sashing on my own but could not do that until MJ id'ed it), and watermelon ombre as well. Bless you both!

Thank goodness for Blog Networking and dear friends. And thank goodness for our Thanksgiving.


MJinMichigan said...

Karen the block looks great. I really like the background you chose and am so envious that you have a block finished. I'll get around to starting mine someday.

This year we are on our own for Thanksgiving so we're making a totally non-traditional dinner. It may seem a bit strange but we're looking forward to it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Betty said...

Very nice and the urn fabric goes so nicely.

This year we have much to be thankful for and will skip the traditional dinner for steaks on the grill. I guess I had to be hit over the head to realize that Thanksgiving is more than fancy china, silver, and an elaborate dinner.

I'll catch up with you soon. I want to hear how Timmy is doing!

MARCIE said...

Gasp! I love that block! And the vase is perfect! What is that wonderful splotchy background fabric?
Thanksgiving blessings on you and your food!

Heckety said...

You really have a great 'eye' for combining fabrics. As it is something I'm bad at I really admire quilters who get it visually 'right'!
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

antique quilter said...

Happy thanksgiving!
I am doing this too :)
love the chunky look to the blocks ...
mine will be scrappier
I actually have that urn fabric here someplace! When the book first came out I started to collect for it, Ijust needed to learn how to applique!

antique quilter said...

meant to say thank goodness for internet friends and fabric swaps have saved me many times too!
very nice of Ady and MJ to help you find the fabrics

Karen said...

I see that you accomplished your goal of acquiring those same fabrics as used in the pattern. Good job!

Nancy Cummings said...

HI Karen, Love the urn fabric. But you already knew it is fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm only making a pie. Oops, Ihear the oven bell dinging. Gotta go. Nancy

Lori said...

The block is lovely and the urn fabric is so perfect!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Libby said...

Oh, I'm so glad you found that fabric!
Happy Thanksgiving! Have you heard from the newest Marine? I hope they gave them a little break today to enjoy some turkey with all the trimmin's *s*

Erin said...

Hi Karen, love the block and the fabrics are just perfect..glad you found the fabric you wanted! thanks for the updates on Timmy!
I too hope they give him some time to sit down and have a Thanksgiving...Happy Thanksgiving!