Happy 234th Marine Corps!

Go, Timmy!


Michele Bilyeu said...

I second all sentiments!!! Be a proud mama. He's living his convictions. I never cease to be amazed at the young people who will fight for, and defend our democratic values against all odds, trials, and tribulations. We are proud of that boy of yours! May this Veteran's Day be the original 1918 Day of Peace for all!

MARCIE said...

234 years! Wow! God bless them all that stand ready to protect us and serve our country! Kisses and hugs to Timmy!

Julie-Ann said...

My ex-husband was a former Marine and was loyal to them all of his life. When he passed I had Semper Fi engraved on his headstone along with the Marine Corps emblem. I know he would have loved it. Once a Marine, always a Marine and God Bless everyone of them!