It's 2nd Wednesday of the Month, Must be Show and Tell Time

Oh, isn't this great?  Won't they treasure these photos in the years to come?

Show and Tell from last night's Repro Divas class.  The project was Baskets, any Baskets.  For me, this led to a new pattern called Amish Baskets, which is based on a larger antique quilt that I have wanted to reproduce for a long time (in a bedsize, so that is still to be done), with yellow feather stitch embroidery on all seams and a crocheted edging all around.  It is also tied with string rather than quilted to add to the antique look.  This pattern is 15x23":

Also, I followed Marcie Patch's Country Baskets pattern to make this version, to which I added a scalloped border.  A fellow employee had this group of fabrics picked out while we were working last Saturday (the blue Regency III, bronze print from Bonnie Blue [I had to substitute a different bronze once at home], and black Bonnie Blue Basics, and I just had to make something out of that combo:

And on to the Show and Tell.  First is from our Noble Leader (vintage rickrack is from her grandmother's stash):
some Lori Smiths...

an original creation with spectacular fabric choices:
a magnificent Holiday Inn in elegant blues:
oh and here is the wonderful fabric combination again of the Regency and Bonnie Blues, etc.  These baskets were made from those stamping templates from Cindy Blackberg:

And from the morning group:
aw, she's all dressed up in her winter whites:
some liberation :-) :

Why I keep the printers covered:

Why I flip the light cord up out of reach. If I don't, she actually turns the light on and off which I discover later and think there's been a house invasion. Which there has been:


antique quilter said...

adorable baskets, LOVE your new pattern!
very cute.
oh my what a great post I am a huge fan of basket quilts.

Libby said...

Baskets - what fun to see baskets everywhere. The rickrack handles are just delicious *s*

MARCIE said...

I LOVE when you post the LQ club projects! So much talent in your group. The scallops on your project are darling!

Gretchen said...

Great show n' tell! Love all the projects. I have to keep my printers covered too; my cats think it's a great place to sit and watch the goings on in the house. Too funny about the light. That Rembrandt sure is a character!

Karen said...

All those basket quilts. Couldn't be a better sight. I have wanted to make a bunch of basket quilts for a collection.

Lori said...

What a feast for the eyes! I love basket quilts and there are so many variations. Thank you for sharing!

Terrie Sandelin said...

Love all those beautiful little quilts in a reproduction style! Thanks for sharing the quilt show.

Marilyn Robertson said...

A tisket a tasket, I love your little baskets! Thanks for the show and tell. I have the apple core stamp of Cindy Blackgerg's. I didn't realize she had a basket stamp so I went over to her web site. All I can say is I may be in trouble!