Just Look: Tazzie and Marcie

Just look at what Tazzie and Marcie have sent my way. Tazzie sent me this fascinating fabric all the way from Australia that I admired from her blog. This Japanese fabric has a neat little texture to it and I love it. And note the cute magnet. My first souvenir from Australia! Thank you, Tazzie! Now I need to find a few good greens to mail back in return.

Marcie and I were emailing when she said, "have you checked your mailbox? I sent you something". What? What could she possibly have sent? I ran out wearing something not presentable to find a squishie. And just look at what was inside. The beautiful wool pillow she showed earlier on her blog.

Marcie, it is beautiful. It is the most heavenly wool and the design! This is me made into a pillow, that's all I can say. Thank you, I am quite overcome :-).

Phew, got a DJ done; now I'm only two behind (if you don't count triangles :-) ):


Julie said...

What a great mail week!

Libby said...

Love what comes to your mailbox . . . a nice change of pace from the usual junk mail and bills *s*

meggie said...

Yeowch! Kitty looks so ferocious!
Loved this post.
Got you some lovely loot there!

Tazzie said...

You are entirely welcome Karen hon. I'm only just starting to catch up on all my blogging friends, I just got home today!