It Was Still Wrong, and Better Things

All right, so I realized this stupid block was done wrong, so I re-did it. I am a saint. The only reason it still doesn't look that great is that I kicked it around the block a few times. Oh well, at least I got a walk in:

Got this one done as well:

Only two more A-row blocks to do.

Now for the good stuff. I made Marcie's Christmas Sparkler freebie! Go get the pattern from her blog or here :

I made this from a stack of wovens that I got at the Village Quilt Shop that used to be in Stone Mountain, Georgia, on Main Street. What a nice shop that was. I'm so glad I finally used some of these cute wovens (vintage by now) and I LOVE my Christmas Sparkler, never would have thought to make this without Marcie.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded Marcie's new pattern yesterday.....your version is darling too! I was quite surprised to see one already finished up in blog land.

antique quilter said...

nice little quilt! So nice of Marcie to give away that pattern, I may just have to make it too!
great bundle of fabrics there :)
oh plaids don't we just love them

Hanne said...

I have really enjoyed your DJ blocks. Keep up the good work :-)

meggie said...

Wow! You are super organized for Xmas!
I just try the ostrich approach... if I ignore it, it is not happening! LOL!

Libby said...

Love your Sparkler . . . isn't Marcie just the best *s* You are doing such a great job with your Jane blocks. I tell you, I would have written Jane a letter by now - better for me to just admire the work of others *s*

Jazy said...

Wow That looks fantastic! I loved Marcie's pattern, but this version would fit better into my house!

Marilyn Robertson said...

Your Sparkler looks fantastic! I want to make it now!

Karen said...

Love your Christmas Sparkler!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Love that bundle of plaids! You know I used to teach regularly at the Stone Mtn. Shop. Yes, it was a great one! How many more Dear Jane blocks must you finish?