It's January It Must be Time to Assemble BOMs

Here is my version of the Kaffe Fassett alternate colorway for this past year's LQS BOM:

I did lots of my own block choices, since I was interested in making some new blocks, like the two that have one motif repeated four times, and the tree. The fabric at the side is my original idea for the borders, which I may use (my goodness those cabbages are big), but may bring the top in to the shop to get opinions on finishing.

Had our first Stars Around the Garden class last night; this is the new version of Stash Sisters. We are all going to make some version of this quilt from Bits and Pieces in Michigan:

We're all doing our own color scheme. Some are going to do the applique, some are going to put a feature fabric in the center, some may do a completely different layout of the blocks, etc. Some of us are going to pull fabric from stash, like one woman who pulled fabrics using a Piece o Cake book cover as an inspiration and her fabrics are wonderful. Some people are going to use bright fabrics, several reproduction, one reproduction in red/black/ecru, one batiks, one in pale blues, etc. We went home with patterns for two blocks and the applique for those who want to do that. It will be so much fun to see everybody's color schemes begin to come to life next time. I'm probably going to do antique Pennsylvania prints and scale the blocks down to 9". I also am interested in doing a drastically scaled-down version for a table runner, or in this specific case, bucket bench runner since my destructive little kitties want to sharpen their claws on the delectably soft wood.


Tazzie said...

Ohhh Karen, I love love love the Stars Around the Garden quilt. It's just gorgeous, and the applique is just divine. I can't wait to see how you put your spin on it.

sophie said...

It will be fun for you and your stash sisters to watch that quilt develop in all those different color-ways. It's a pretty quilt. I may need to make a roadtrip to Bits-n-Pieces . . . and think about making one of my own.

Melanie said...

Totally in love with the Stars around the Garden-- rich colors...Just beautiful.

meggie said...

That Stars around the Garden quilt is wonderful!!

I would probably go for a darker border on the first one. I do realise though that often the colours turn out very different on the net!
Good work!

doni said...

One of my very favorite things is to watch everyone's rendition of the same pattern turn out differently! I love it!

doni in NE

Fabricmom said...

Looks like you will be very busy. Good luck.

Libby said...

Oh my - Stars Around The Garden just looks delicious. I like the sounds of your plan.

Grazia said...

I love the Kaffe Fasset one...it's wonderful! Great choice of colours!!!
Also the stars around the garden is delicious!