SOS for 4" WOF, Gatherings by Patek & Brannock

Pulled gorgeous fabric from stash to make my Blockswapper blocks for LQS and was just sure that there was enough of the beige fabric. There would have been if it had been the four-square color instead of the five-square color. But no. It came up short (incidentally, the pumpkin fabrics below the block are for a little quilt I'm working on). Of course, there's LOADS of the brown fabric.

So Help! Can anybody sell me a piece of this fabric?

It is from the Gatherings line by Patek & Brannock, Moda. All I need minimum is a 4" wide piece WOF, or even 4" x about 9" would do it. I've put an ad on missingfabrics.com as well.
**beep beep**blog update**: a kind soul is going to mail the fabric to me tomorrow! Thank you to all who were searching their stash for this for me, quilters are the kindest ever.

Yesterday was the most incredibly busy day at the LQS, easily the busiest day I've worked there yet, and FUN. Reason: it was the unveiling of the setting choices for the various Second Saturday Sampler block colorways (reproduction, blended, Kaffe, batik, vintage applique). The finished quilt tops were on display, and finishing kits were available for some, patterns for all. It was a phenomenal array of possibilities and very exciting for all. I'm planning to use the main colorway setting suggestion for my Kaffe Variation colorway that I worked on this past year (still not sure if this little brainstorm of mine has turned out at ALL; I'm hoping to get the last block done today and then will toss the blocks up on the design wall to see what they look like together and by the way I would like to set up like three design walls around my house) and will do the inspired vintage applique setting for my blocks (which are 6" and done by digitized machine rather than by hand, so they will not look as delicate as Muriel's beautiful 12" originals but hopefully will have a clunky charm all their own lol).

Today, looking forward to a full day of sewing, and may nothing or nobody interrupt me.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Sorry, I do not have that particular fabric in my stash. Perhaps you can find something similar at another shop, like Tiny Stitches?

tami said...

Sorry. I thought I had it, but after scouring my stash I found what I was thinking of. It is very similar. If you decide you need something close just let me know.

Libby said...

How can it be that I do not have this fabric? I hope someone comes up with a piece for you *s*

Nancy in MT said...

Oh good, glad you found it, I think I found some on Ebay, but you would have had to buy other fabric with it.

julieQ said...

pretty fabric, and I am glad you found someone who had some to finish your project!!


KC Quilter said...

Sorry I don't have that particular piece in my stash, but it sure looks familiar!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I wish I had seen this sooner. I have a big chunk of that. But I see someone came to your rescue! I"m finally checking in. Can't wait to read the previous post - I love that doll hair sticking up under this window!