The Whole Day

Spent the entire day getting my large fabric storage closet back into order. It was fun to visit with all of my potential projects. I decided, though, that a good stash-coping measure might be to write down all future quilty purchases in a Dedicated Notebook:
Aren't we all so busy this time of year! There was something I was supposed to work on (okay, like ten things) this week-end, but oh no, the stash-straightening and LQS BOMs had first priority, so got those done:

Here are some of us lined up at the LQS Second Saturday Sampler, enthused as always (!):

A beautiful quilt shown by a fellow Stash Sisters member; this quilt is for her new English son-in-law. Aren't the colors great?

Before we went inside to hear about what's new at the LQS, we heard a bit about the new-this-year EQ6 class. Those class members are having way too much fun. They're learning a lot about EQ6 and are doing interesting things like round robin designing. Below are two quilts that were first designed in EQ6:

Hope everybody's Christmas (or "Winter Holidays" as the case may be) preparations and activities are really fun and going well.


Anonymous said...

Your Saturday Sampler at your LQS looks like so much fun! And your fabric closet, wow!

Libby said...

Saturday Sampler day always sounds like such fun . . . wish I was close enough to join in *s*

MARCIE said...

Oh wow-look at that organization! If I get that tidy once a year I am thrilled! Looks so good! Your blocks are great. At least you are having fun and it's not all work!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

How I wish I were just a smidge as organizied as you dear one. I might not feel as if I were always the occupant of the silent scream . .

Marilyn Robertson said...

Your blocks look wonderful and wow - your fabric stash looks so nicely organized. I need to put that on my list of things to do too!

ForestJane said...

So do you rent out to come do that to MY closet? Looks great. :)

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, it's sure looking great! I can't believe you can even think about cleaning in the middle of the holiday rush! Very impressive!