Happy Days

Hope everybody is really enjoying the holiday season (little skier santa above is just about my favorite Christmas item). Am doing Secret Santa this week at regular work, never mind the fact that the assistant principal told my recipient the very first day who her Secret Santa was (that's just the kind of school I work at, I wasn't even surprised); here's Monday's gift wrapping (please understand that I am very rudimentary at scrapbooking so I was very proud of putting the photo corners on the picture and gluing on the snowballs :-) ),

and today's gift made from quiltsmart.com's cell phone bag pattern:

Does anybody recognize this fabric?

We had our last Stash Sisters class last night with wonderful Show and Tell. Next year that class will have a different name (Stars Around the Garden) and we will be expected to actually produce some quilt blocks for class, perhaps even one entire quilt. Uh oh, work. This is a pin worn by one classmate:

a wonderful needlepunch Santa:

an antique doll's quilt:

received in a gift swap:

Several totes and bags made for co-workers and spouses:


Libby said...

Such a festive variety of gifts and quilts . . . that little doll quilt is fantastic!

Tracey in CT said...

Your totes and cell phone case look very nice, I'm sure they will be well received!

Now about those decorated shoes... I would definitely wear them at home, but I'm not so sure I'd wear them in public...my 11 year old die of embarassment if I did. Well now, maybe I would, just to irritate her!?

Rosemary said...

I have two of those skier santas. Mine are little different from yours, but definatley from the same artist. Gosh, i've had them forever too! Love the shoes! LOL!

Mar said...

I think that fabric is from the Robyn Pandolph line Holly Go Lightly?

doni said...

Love the skiier Santa - I love Christmas decorations - each year it's like getting together with old friends!