It is so hard to catch a picture of Jack.

Look at this fungus thing. It's a foot across.

This is the first set of blocks I made for Blockswappers; we each get a set of 12 assorted back, all in brown and beige. The dark brown is from my stash, an old Documentaries from Benartex. Next set is brown and pink, both from stash, the brown a Nancy Halvorsen (Harvest to Home, again from Benartex) and the pink, heaven knows, no marking and it has ancient zig zag scissoring on the edges:

Finally got the working part of the house rearranged and looking much, much better. Boy, now I am ready to get on with quilting and art.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty kitty Jack is! They sure don't like having their pictures taken.

What is Blockswappers? Is it a group open to others? It sounds fun!

Kairle Oaks said...

It looks like Jack doesn't want to be bothered! LOL! That's a pretty cool looking fungus. (Is it okay to say that? LOL!)

KC Quilter said...

What a boo-tiful cat Jack is!!! Is he solid black? So gorgeous.