Getting At It

The sewing room is rearranged and much improved. To celebrate, I made this curtain from Moda sampler fabric (using up two yards from stash in the process) to go across a storage cubbyhole (intended to hold firewood, I guess, but it's holding quilt paraphernalia now mais bien sur.

Now not only do I have fabric stash, but I have upholstery fabric stash. Three pieces bought several years ago and never stitched up. The other two pieces both feature elephants and are wonderful but today's project was making a table topper of sorts out of the third stash-ette for my antique wooden box that, if left unprotected, gets scratched up by the kitties:

This fabric may not show up very well, but I was attracted to it because it looks just like those small woven antique textiles from the early 1900s. Don't know what you call them, but I have a few. It would be so nice if I could whip up those other two pieces as well.

Finally bit the bullet (the $100 bullet) and got the glass table top I have long been visualizing to protect my treasured ultra-primitive linoleum-topped farm table. That linoleum couldn't have taken another inch of shabby chic-ness :-). Can cats scratch glass??

And this just looks like a normal fireplace, I know, but for the past year or two, there have been two large art tables in front of it and a large metal desk to the side of it that I've used for quilting. It's fun to have the fireplace back again:

Tried out the new Sidewinder today. It threads bobbins separately from your machine. Well, it's a bit loud and clackety and has a few foibles but I guess I'm glad I have it. Can't stand unthreading the machine.

This was a lucky thing for me. I ordered a yard each of these colors online. After some time had passed and no arrival, I emailed to ask about it, the order then got miscut to half yards, and the dealer just sent the extra half yards along in addition to the yard cuts.

And finally here is a favor from Houston, bestowed on us at the LQS.


Sweet P said...

Wow! I love your sewing space. I don't think kitties can scratch glass, but you'll let us know if they do. Is that fireplace really in your sewing space? If so, what happened to the tables that were in front of it?

Ila K. said...

Oh!! Fireplace ambience in the sewing room ?!?? WANT!!

Thanks for sharing the delightful pictures.

Mary Johnson said...

That's a nice mistake in your favor with the fabric. What will you be making with it? Something scrappy and Amish?

Clare said...

What a gorgeous fireplace and what a lovely light room. Lucky you with the fabric.

Joyce said...

THe sidewinder sounds like my kind of gadget. IS it electric? I could get the grandchildren to wind bobbins when they are here. I hate stopping sewing to wind bobbins.

Rosemary said...

AW, I love the sewing box! WHich quilt shop did you get it at? I'm in houston :) Rosemary

meggie said...

I like the sound of a sidewinder too! I am keen on gadgets.
Interesting post.

Carol E. said...

What a cozy spot! Thanks for the nice photos.

Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh! You have a fireplace in your sewing room??? That's awesome! Love the little cover you just made for your wood box AND the vintage table! Very nice!

Libby said...

Can't wait to see all the great projects that start to flow from your newly improved space . . . love that 'shabby chic' table *s*

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I have been weighing up the sidewinder myself, I cannot stand stopping sewing for anything when i am on a roll!!
Good idea for the table, Tracey

doni said...

I love all your sidebars - some great quilts hanging out there.

An organized sewing room - it's got to energize! It's so welcoming - I could move right in! But you're safe - I'm allergic to cats!

Welcome to Stash Quilts!!! doni in NE