A Kit

I got completely caught up on blog-reading earlier today. Such a pleasure to read everybody's posts; I have been so behind on them.

Made this little cell phone bag this evening with a pattern/kit from QuiltSmart that I got at my LQS (you know the one!). It's also a perfect fit for my camera. The pattern has fusible interfacing for three bags with the various markings on them, along with the black cord and velcro closing. It's really fun to make.

After jogging my little jog route twice early this morning and spending 5 hours during the permitted water rationing time, watering various plants and trees to try to keep them alive in this ferocious drought, I hid in the air conditioning away from the predicted high of 98 here in Atlanta. To torture myself, I looked up the weather for Door County: a high of 78. Oh, that sounds like heaven.


YankeeQuilter said...

What a handy bag/pouch for your camera! I need to make something like that for my multiple eyeglasses...on any given time I may have three in my various pockets, on top of my head or hanging around my neck. A bit of a mess really!

I so love the photos from your Jo Morton group...please thank them for me!

Tazzie said...

That is such a cute little bag, I can think of many uses for it. Even my kids would love that one ... thank you for sharing!

atet said...

What a fun little bag. I'm just getting caught up on blog reading and I can't believe how much you've been doing. Those jeans and the bag are wonderful and I love that little Jo Morton top you did.

As for the weather -- north and midwest doesn't necessarily mean cooler. We're supposed to hit the mid 90's with wicked humidity tomorrow here in Illinois!

Samantha said...

that is such a cute little case!

Sue said...

Ooooohhhhh, I love the little cell phone/camera bag, I can think of a couple of people that I could make those for. Thanks for sharing!