So have you all seen this site (with the so-cute little cow logo) where you can keep track of your various to-do lists and your calendar? Looks like you will need to click on it to see the screenshot a bit better. You can add as many little folders at the top as you like and you can also map locations that you frequently traipse off to to get your errands and chores done. If you add tags to the various tasks, like "errand", you can group all of them together from various folders. I really like this, it's already helping me remember things I need to do or bring to work the next day, which has hitherto been impossible to remember, since I do not really have my mind on my job.


Angie said...

Thanks so much for sharing the link to this, Karen! I'm going to try it out right now! ;P

Libby said...

How can you resist the cute cow logo *s*?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Never heard of this one. Hmmm, then I would have to remember to go out there and look at it!!! :)

Patti said...

I've been using a similar function in Outlook for a few years. I think if the little reminders didn't keep popping up I'd never remember to get anything done!


Triller said...

Now that is just too clever!
I see I've missed a few of your blog entries. Looks like you've been busy!
Great job on your l.a. quilting!

(Triller sends her love to your trio)

Gail said...

Karen,missed you at Jo Morton class the other night, didn't realize that you hadn't enrolled again. How are those little quilts coming along?