Lucy, Your Email

...wouldn't go through. Here's what I said:
You need to make sure you see where the computer is going to save the "Project"; you can navigate to where you want it to be saved. You can just save it to your Desktop for a temporary measure if you like since that way it will be very easy to find. If you save it to your Desktop, you should be able to click on it have it open in EQ5. I think :-).

When you are in the EQ5 program, and open a project, either the project will be listed there, or you need to navigate to it by using the button at the bottom left that on my program says "click here to open a project not listed above" and then you navigate to where you saved the program when you saved it from the email.

Hopefully this will work if you start over with the project sent in this email.....

Be sure to let me know. TTYL! Karen

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Lucy said...

Thanks Karen!

I was at the beach yesterday with my two brothers and their family's. I came home and found your mail !! But it was already late.

Now I will try it all again to see if I can svae it right and FIND it back. I finished yesterday a new girlie :-)