BB CW #22

Here is Barbara Brackman's latest block (that has to do with General Winfield Scott's blockade plan...metaphor-ed by the alarmingly large snake) in her amazing Civil War quilt block series:

We are nearing the halfway mark on this series. Here is my quilt so far. Maybe.

Incredibly, through the generosity of quilter/blog friends, I believe 2 out of the 3 fabrics are located and will soon be mine, and maybe all 3 of them; more on that when I have my hot little hands on them. Thank you, thank you, for your help! I am delirious to think that I will have enough fabric for those two projects. Moral of the Story: Buy lots and often :-).

So tomorrow is Memorial Day; make it a good one and remember our armed forces.


Yvette said...

Great block! I love the fabric for the center.

Meredith said...

I am glad you were able to get what you needed. I had checked but did not have any myself. Yes it is a great community. Your block looks cute.

Robin said...

Such perfect fabric for the center! The block looks great!