Show and Tell - Repro Divas

While I was working on this blog post before Day Job, Rembrandt was first pulling pins out of a few bits of fabric on the table. I shrieked and grabbed those away from her, checking for pins in the mouth, then she started pushing the papers off the table, which is why the papers are now secured under the milk pail. And she never once blinked :-).

Show and Tell from Evening Repro Divas (we were supposed to make table runners and several of us actually did). The Day Group showed so many wonderful things I may borrow our noble leader's photos for the next post:


Libby said...

Oh Rembrandt - you little scamp! It's okay to sneak a little tuna . . . . but never, never, never eat pins.

Gretchen said...

And there she sits looking so innocent! I always love your repro diva show n tells. Wish I could teleport myself to Marietta to make the meetings. Just can't get there from here...

Barb said...

Great show and tell = Thanks!
what a sweet face!