Love the Cat

Tell you what, this is one Darn Good Cat :-) :

Meanwhile, four cat ears watch the pigeons (and why I ask you, do we suddenly have pigeons? what happened to our crows?):


Mad Red Hare said...

Ah Rembrandt, been missing your crazy antics!

Micki said...

What adorable cats and love the scene from the window!

Jo Morton said...

Rembrandt Rules - love it!
And she does rule, I'm sure.
Sweet, sweet pictures.
Pet your kitties for me!

Betty said...

I think I'd rather have pigeons than crows, but are you sure they're pigeons? We get some birds that look like pigeons. In fact, I called them pigeons and then I was told they were doves. I hated the crows and bought those fake owls to try and scare them away. It didn't work and they were here for a while, but that was two years ago. Haven't seen them since.

Barb said...

what a sweet kittie!
pigeons? we're over run this year with chipmunks. My puppy keeps trying to catch them, but they are too fast!

Libby said...

We don't seem to have crows here either . . . . thank goodness I have plenty stitched onto quilts *s*

Hi Rembrandt!