The Third Week of Summer Break is Over Already??

Thank you, Polly and Laurie, for your Giveaway:

As you can imagine, I never liked how my music setup looked but there was no place to hide it. Here it is sitting on my pumpkin pine woodbox. Poor woodbox.

Unexpectedly, I got a new iPod Nano, spent hours uploading my 85 CDs to it, and this equipment may make their way to Craigslist soon. They certainly will never see the upstairs again:

The woodbox and I are both happier with a simpler look:

Today I made this (fore)armband to wear while walking, with pockets for both the iPod and the house key:

And on to Repro Divas Show and Tell. First up is our Quilt of Valor!

Gorgeous; I wish this were mine:

This one, too:

Hey! I want this one, too:

Is this adorable or what? I would want this one as well, but I don't have any blue in my house:

I made this clutch from a Whimsicals pattern. This one has several pockets including credit card slots. I am always disgustingly proud of myself when I manage to make any sort of purse/tote/clutch/iPod armband :-) :


buttonsagain said...

karen...always love your show and tell...i am panting over your clutch...it is adorable...and ohmydawg i think we live in parallel universes or something...i ordered an orange ipod nano on wednesday night...(the mr. has adopted my ipod classic...to play with in his new car...too bad for him it has a pink leather case!)...

can you please post everyday?


antique quilter said...

always love seeing your show and tell!
oh that little clutch is adorable
and yes I love the little quilts too
oh love the second one too, great fabric choices...
may have to use that fabric on a border too!

Barb said...

I love your ipod nano carrier - very clever. I use a vera bradley one, but yours is much nicer.
Great show and tell - love them all. What a wonderful and talented group!

Gretchen said...

Lovely show n tell as always from the repro divas. Enjoy your nano. I love my iPod. Right now I am addicted to BBC podcasts. Congrats on the wonderful giveaway!!!

Julie-Ann said...

I love the clutch! I love the show and tell quilts, too. They are always fun to see.

Don't quite understand the concept of the arm band holder or Ipod and keys. Love the idea. Would you mind taking a picture of it on your arm with the stuff in it? Sometimes I need something like that for when I walk my doggie girls.

Lori said...

I'd take every quilt too! They are fantastic!!

Love the clutch too!!! Nice work!

Micki said...

I love you projects, but the clutch is so pretty!

MARCIE said...

Your new I-pod and speakers look lovely! Who needs all that big stuff to take up so much room?
Your little clutch is adorable! And the quilts are great too!

Heckety said...

Since we're having a little 'I want' moment- that log cabin and the whirly applique center would be my choices!
ipod huh? Wheee! 21C or WHAT!! Me? I'm still playing records and cassettes with a plug in CD yoke from my sister as she's gone all 21C too!

Heckety said...

I've been visiting some of your blogfriends down the margin and you sure have some fun buddies!!

Sue said...

Love the clutch, I really like the fabrics you used for it.
Enjoyed the quilt show!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Sure you wanted all of those quilts. Heck, you wanted Marcie's giveaway prizes too! But somebody else grew up in Alaska and knows not only how to pack a good snowball but make sure it gets thrown and hits the mark;) Congrats on getting the ipod. If it makes you feel better...I don't have one ;)