Summer Days

While Rembrandt is safely out of the way close to the ceiling...

let me take the opportunity to thank Kathie and Tara of Sew Unique Creations; I won this absolutely divine fat quarter tower of Jo's Attic Shirtings from them on Kathie's blog:
I love these shirtings so much and feel so lucky to have won them. They are well loved here, Kathie! Wouldn't they look entrancing in this Burgoyne Surrounded that has scrappy shirtings for the background?

Excuse me. Rembrandt has left her vulture-like perch and is now in my fabric stash. Getouddathere Rembrandt!

This is the time of year when I let the Queen Anne's Lace and Brown-Eyed Susans grow in the front yard, carefully mowing around them until their season is over. The Chaste Vitex is also in bloom and there are apples in the trees:

I should never have left the country hills of Indiana :-).

Here is a sweet little kitty who has been visiting my yard the past few weeks. She doesn't eat the food or drink the water I've been putting out. She seems like the happiest cat ever and will not let me get anywhere near her:

I'm making this version of Jo's Bird Chintz quilt that is in her latest book, Coming Home. It will have the bird chintz border, and will have a Broderie Perse collage in the center using the chintz fabric. I'm dying to get this done but need to make a LQS Run for more green fabric!

I've started to make digital recordings of my old vinyl records. Very time-consuming since I edit the tracks to get out as much of the scratches and pops as possible, but so worth it. Now I'm walking in the morning listening to my old LPs on the iPod!


Julie-Ann said...

Your kitty is really a little stinker! I love the pictures of him. Glad you are trying to help your other visitor, too.

Love the shirting fabrics and think they would look great on that quilt. The quilt in progress is great!

I will be down as of tomorrow night and plan to finally finish my Eleanor Burn's Underground Railroad quilt while I am there. Finally - I will be sewing again!

Betty said...

I'm surprised all those flowers in your yard aren't burnt out by now. They look wonderful! Rembrandt looks like he's a big helper...your right hand man.

Jo Morton said...

Looking forward to seeing your version using the Bird Chintz - looks wonderful.
So nice to see pictures of adorable Rembrandt again - she is a cutie. Looks like she has a quilt to lay on atop the cupboard, and so sweet between the fabric stacks!
Socks is laying on my right arm with his front paws as I type this message, sweet purring sound accompanying the visit.
Happy you won the shirting fabrics!!!

Lori said...

I do think the BS would be perfect for the shirtings. I've always admired that pattern.
The bird chintz quilt will be fantastic!! I've never tried broderie purse but sure enjoy seeing it.
I love your whimsy wildflowers!!

Mary said...

My girls gave me a digital record player for Mother's Day and I'm still trying to figure out how it works. SIL can do it so I must be able to. Which program does yours use?

Your quilt will be stunning!!! Jo's fabrics and patterns are always on my favorites lists, no matter how many I have on them.

The Calico Cat said...

Since you are going to make a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt, do you think you could make one for me too? ;o) (Hey, if you never ask, you wil never hear, "Yes.")

MARCIE said...

You did NOT make all those stars already! I can't believe it! And I can't wait to see your quilt center. Your yard must be a welcoming jungle for the neighborhood cats. It looks really cool with all your plants in bloom! And what a comic that Rembrandt is!

Karen said...

I know you will put all those shirtings to good use.

Jeanne said...

That's exactly how I want our front yard to look someday -- fruit trees and wildflowers.
Jeanne :)