Show and Tell - Repro Divas....and Mother's Day Revisited

Mother's Day flowers arrived last night from Timmy; he was so disappointed that they did not arrive on Mother's Day but after he checked with them, FTD finally delivered :

the message:
Moms don't think flowers are stupid, do they :-).

And on to Repro Divas Show and Tell. We were to bring a favorite finished Jo Morton project:

These are some wonderful sewing or whatnot bags, typical of the 18th c.:

These are destined to be stockings, from Blackbird Designs:

Aieee, aren't they darling?

And another Favorite Jo; yummy, love the colors:

Eight more Day Job days, but who's counting. Since the very last day, Tuesday, is a "furlough" day that we don't get paid for, we have to do two days' worth of closing out in one day, Monday. From the sound of it, we will be there into the evening, in other words, working two days and getting paid for one. Go, state employment.

Oh! And here is Nancy Cumming's version of my House Party pattern, as shown on the Little Quilts blog. It is so beautiful, Nancy!!


Barb said...

I love all the repro work!
The flowers are beautiful and the note, priceless. Lucky Mom!

Ruth said...

Excellent show & tell! I especially love the first quilt, the patriotic quilt & the cross-stitch stockings. I just may have to take up cross-stitch again!

Lori said...

Of course, moms don't think flowers are stupid! That was so nice of Timmy to send them.

I love seeing the Diva quilts- they are all so wonderful!!

Darlene said...

I love Timmy's sense of humor. LOL It's very obvious that he loves his "Mamacita". :-)

Wow, lots and lots of eye candy - thank you for sharing.

Jeanne said...

It's always fun to see your repro quilts. Love Jo Morton. The flowers are beautiful - not stupid.

MARCIE said...

Love Nancy's House Party! And all the rest of course! Where does Timmy get the idea that flowers are dumb? Has he taken a good look at your yard? That was very sweet of him.

MARCIE said...

I forgot to say that the LQ blog photo of their Paducah booth looks all the better with your quilts hanging in it! :)

Gretchen said...

I love posts about Timmy--he is such a hoot! What a sweet mother's day gift even more so the note that said he is looking forward to seeing you--can't get better than that! Love the repro diva projects. I have several Jo's Little Women projects in various states of unfinished...

Boo to the furlough days!

Karen said...

Love the sewing or whatnot bags and the Blackbird Design stitchery is very nice.