Show and Tell - Repro Divas

The snow began in Atlanta:

and continues:

Show and Tell from Repro Divas last Tuesday:

And our Heart Swap (first photo taken by our leader K., morning group):

This is what I got! Reverse has pockets and needle felts:

I forgot to take a picture of mine! It is a heart with cross stitched sampler on it that I digitized in PatternMaker.

Latest Stickle:

There's more Show and Tell from Morning Group, but I'll save that for next time phewie.


Deb said...

Those quilts and hearts are wonderful. I especially like the quilt with the world map. Just love the repro fabrics. And once again, you've done the most beautiful block. I am just in awe of your fabric choices.

Taryn said...

Thanks for the wonderful show and tell!! Enjoy your snow and I hope you are snug and sewing.

Tazzie said...

Ohhh, the show and tell is wonderful eye candy. Thank you for sharing. Just loving your latest DJ block - I'm so into them right now.
Be sure to have a wonderful weekend.

Julie in the Barn said...

Love all of them. Thanks so much for sharing. Stay warm.

Betty said...

SNOW!! LUCKY...I'd love to see snow!

Those hearts are wonderful.

antique quilter said...

wish I was there during this meeting
great show and tell, love all the pincushions
the quilt with the map..wow where did she find that map fabric, I just love it
would be great for the start of a medallion quilt for my DH library /office
great, great, great little quilts!

Lori said...

It looks like a great show and tell! I love all the hearts!!

Anonymous said...

If only I could have been there to see it all in person! These little quilts are just amazing! Love them to bits!

Karen said...

I always enjoy the show-n-tell from your repro group.
All those hearts! Makes my heart flutter. The crazy quilt one is gorgeous. Love the bird pincushion! What a great idea to have a heart swap.

Darcie said...

It's snowing INSPIRATION here on your blog! Fabulous.

Jan said...

Thanks for posting such inspiring pictures. Drool!

Gretchen said...

Wonderful show and tell. I can't believe the small little stars! Every project is fabulous! What a talented group. Hope you are enjoying the snow. The cats are entertained by looking at the snow from inside.

MARCIE said...

Oh, the snow hit you too! I love when you share from your Repro Divas Group! I love that little bird! It would be a cute ornament. Face it, I love it all!

MARCIE said...

Forgot to mention your latest Stickle is adorable!

Vivian said...

Thank you for sharing an amazing, stunning group of show and tell projects.
Enjoy the snow. It can be beautiful, as your photos prove, but it gets tiresome very quickly (written by someone with cabin fever).
Your DJ block is truly one of the most beautiful, best planned ones I've even seen.

Julie-Ann said...

Wow! What a talented group of ladies! Great projects. Your stickle is wonderful!

Snow! I hope you enjoyed it!

Barb said...

What an incredible feast for the eyes. Thanks for the inspirational post today ! your stickle block is flawless - I love the fussy center.