o happy day

Here I am, walking out of school at 3:40pm yesterday with two weeks and three week-ends ahead of No Day Job and Decompression:

Meanwhile, here is what I made for the LQS Christmas party pincushion swap:
The little "yard" is a pincushion as well as the little Renee Plains bird (who has a needlekeep under his wing). I received this wonderful wool crow:

He is so firmly stuffed and very steady on his candlestick. He will be a pleasure to use. However, we are to turn in our pincushions for a shop display. I don't want to turn in my crow! Maybe they won't miss it....not.

The Stickles must not stop just because it is Christmas, you know:

I don't want to discuss that dent in the upper right side that extends precisely to the 1/4" seamline. I shall ignore it.

Oh, Rembrandt, where are your feet?


Betty said...

Oh Karen...you look so happy!

Adorable pin cushions, but don't your cats come along and pull all the pins out? One time I couldn't find a pin and had to take Mikey to the vet. With the X-ray it was quite expensive!

Loris said...

Wow! Did you make your birdhouse pin cushion? It is lovely!
Enjoy your black bird. Very cute...but I don't think I could stick pins in it :-) Rembrandt will keep it company. My cats sit like that...I call them hens when they do.
Enjoy your Christmas break!

mereth said...

Ignore it. Yep. That's what I'd do, if I were making this quilt. Which you know I will never do, HA HA!!

Gretchen said...

Love the pincushions!! Rembrandt is being a "meatloaf" cat--that's what I call mine because they look like you can put them in a loaf pan :) Enjoy your time off--I am soooo envious!

Nancy Cummings said...

Hi Karen, Love the pincushion you won. But the one you made, WOW! Good idea for the pinkeep under the wing. You are so smart.

Rembrandt just loves having his picture taken. If only he knew how popular he is.

Libby said...

Enjoy the work break - wear jammies, eat only fun foods and sew, sew, sew!

Julie-Ann said...

Love the pin cushions! I remember when my sister, Suzanne, would be on the 2 week break from school. It was a happy day!

I'm in Atlanta. Yippee!

MARCIE said...

Those pincushions are so wonderful! I love the idea for the little porch for pins! And a needlekeep under his wing! Precious! You look oddly like ELF in that photo. I used to have a collar like that.

Julie said...

Good to see my buddy Rembrandt. I love your pincushions.