Emails from College

Timmy: “Hi, Mommy!” [he’s 19]

Mommy: “Come home from college, Timmy, it’s almost Mother’s Day.  Oh, how are your finals going?”

Timmy: “Waiting for the last one and the hardest one to start. It’s Gandhi.”

Mommy: “What will we talk about when you’ve finished with that Gandhi class?"

Timmy: “Your dolls, I guess. I am working for my dad on Saturday. I might come home sometime Sunday morning or noon. I am playing volleyball with the guys from 2pm to 5pm on Sunday.” [Mommy sees little opening for a Mother’s Day in this schedule]

Mommy: [taking aim at the only possible target] “Timmy, I really doubt that you will be playing volleyball.   All those boys will be home with their mothers.   Where you should be.”

Timmy: “No, Mom, no, we are playing volleyball.” [Mom’s vision of a hike in north Georgia and lunch at the German restaurant with her only child on Mother’s Day fades]

[24 hours later]
Timmy: “Hi, Mommy! You were right, nobody knew it was Mother’s Day, everybody has to [regretfully] stay home.”

Mommy: “See, I knew that because I am a mother.”

Timmy: “Okay, Mommy, so what would you like to do on Sunday?” [and you, dear Reader, know the rest…Happy Mother’s Day to all]

P.S. If you would like to see some pretty shots of Galveston continuing to come back from the hurricane: Betty's Blog.


KC Quilter said...

Sounds like it will be a perfect Mother's Day! And German food? Yum! Have a great one!

Libby said...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Betty said...

I love it where you innocently tell him that most of the guys won't be able to play volley ball because they'll be with their mothers.

What if he had come back and told you all his friends were orphans? :)

Have a good hike!

Julie said...

Have fun! We will be going to West Point Lake (just down the Chattahoochee from you) for a picnic and swimming day.

MARCIE said...

I take it those are your hiking boots? Have a fun day!

Miri said...

Happy Mother's Day!Have a great hike!

The Calico Cat said...

I hope you had a great hike!
(& A nice schnitzle, kartoffle salat, & strudle!)
Can you hear a craving start...

*karendianne. said...

Hilarious. Hope you had a great day!

julieQ said...

Heee!!!! this all sounds so very familiar!!! Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...
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