A Week

**Rembrandt read a book if you would care to comment**

Well, it's been quite a week. Finally finishing the second week back at work, which continues to be the most miserable co-worker situation surely known to man. I now have a simply wonderful assistant principal as supervisor; she is so top quality and upbeat that she really makes the overall job .... do I really hear myself saying this? ... acceptable, but the co-worker situation is a nightmare. There should be something I could do about this, but I do not really see what. Maybe I could go be the Assistant Principal's secretary :-).

Tuesday, DS almost ruined the chance of any more Emails from College by making a short phone call to say that he was going to quit school. He then did not return phone calls. So Dear Old Mom left work early (not a sacrifice shall we say) and drove 2 hours to Milledgeville (this is a new transfer from Georgia Tech, never mind the fact that he made the Honor Roll last semester at Tech, that is such boring old news) to try to talk him out of it. On the way down, on the phone with Admissions, on the phone with Housing (did not know which dorm he was in), collecting information, trying to think. Housing had RA get DS to call me back, met up with him on the main street, went into the Pig in a Poke to talk, DS would not budge, just sat smirking at me because he knows everything and I know nothing, and said he was coming home to live.

Coming home? It took me eleven hours to clean up after the month-long Christmas visit:

He must stay in school. Well, he also said he was going to run off and enlist in the Marines. Made one of only about three phone calls to his father since the divorce 18 years ago to say that he should fulfill the divorce agreement part where he says he will pay for college, which he has not been doing, and to get down there and help DS. He probably didn't go or call or do what he is legally contracted to do, but the next night, DS called to say he was all enrolled.

He got so frustrated trying to register for classes because the Advisor hold was not removed even though he had seen the Advisor, so he just threw up his hands and said to heck with it. I had emailed him after the Milledgeville drive to say that it sounded to me like one more effort to register would succeed. He tried again and found out that the advisor got word the moment he left before that her dog had gotten struck and killed by a car, so naturally she left immediately without lifting the hold, and was gone the next day when I was trying to call, etc.

The advisor started showing him pictures of her poor dog and burst into tears while she was trying to lift the hold, and Timmy really wanted to go enlist in the Marines then.

On the upbeat side, I began the Dear Jane support group via Little Quilts last night. We are six members including me. We all hope that the group will be fun, successful, and ongoing. This morning I began a blog for the group that is private for the time being. Homework assignment is to make 8 blocks by next class time and we are going to work on a block during the next class. If you take classes at Little Quilts and are interested in Dear Jane, you may want to consider joining us. We are a simply Lovely Group :-) . My laptop met the Black Screen of Death, however, so I could not do some work in the Dear Jane software; luckily, Chris had DJ on her laptop and demonstrated it. Laptop still does not feel well, which makes me feel not well.

Couldn't figure out where Rembrandt was meowing from. Had a horrible thought that she might be in the heating vent. Rembrandt is the one to accomplish that. But she was in the rafters:

It only took her a few minutes to start walking up and down the rescue ladder:

and to long to be stuck up in the rafters again:

I leave you with some lichen photos and a devout prayer of thanks for Friday at 4:00pm:


Betsy said...

Karen you poor thing!
Is DS going to be ok now???
I know exactly what you went through. I my dear have been there!

Karen said...

What a time you have had! I hope the school thing works out and also your work situation. What a stress level you must be under.
Are all the classmates going to make their Dear Jane in reproduction fabrics?

Mad Red Hare said...

That cat is adorable. You should write a book about it's adventures.

Gretchen said...

Bless your heart!!! Sending huge hugs and comfort your way. If I could post chocolates, I would. What a week. Deep breath and sew some this weekend and all will be well. Do you have a three day weekend? I do and cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Glad DS got it all straightened out... my o my what a scare.

Rembrandt... what a cutie. She is a mischief maker and is going to keep you on your toes!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Sending prayers your way for some peace and quiet in the rafters of your mind and soul. I hope things continue to progress in a positive direction for your DS and that you have a wonderful weekend.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh Karen. I can so understand how you felt. I have a similiar story/son only our ending didn't happen so happy or well. Lets just say I'm still struggling with a 22 year old who does nothing. Why can I have 3 girls who turn out beautiful, and then have a son who won't talk to me or do anything. UGhhhh

Libby said...

*yikes* what a week! Good think you have the support group - I bet they can help a little with things beyond Dear Jane . . . . even if it's just to supply a little chocolate.

Betty said...

...and all is well that ends well.

My mother used to say that when they're little the problems are little and when they're big the problems are big. So far I've found that to be true. Hang in there.

ForestJane said...

My mom used to say... you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink... lol

And if all else fails, the Marines would at least make him learn to live a little cleaner, they're good about that!

Your cat climbing is adorable. :)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Karen -- what a week you had! I know several kids who have struggled with the first year of school (not necessarily academically) and transferred and just weren't any happier. It's such a hard thing for them to figure out what they really want. I hope things are looking up this week!

The Calico Cat said...

In our first home, RB got locked in the cold basement over night. Unfortunately for him, I was on the second floor... The meowing when I finally came down stairs... I don't think he left the upper shelf near the heating vent all day!