There's a Vintage Reproduction in my Tattered Quilt

So I was standing still next to my tattered old Log Cabin quilt, asking myself if I had the energy to clean house (I didn't), and I suddenly realized that there was a Bonnie Blue Basics fabric in the quilt. Just exactly like it!

The next Stickle block:

If you have time, click on over to my friend Betty's blog, won't you, and leave a comment? Betty is a new blogger and has posts about her rescued kitties, Zoom being the most recent and Zoom is so adorable, and football (I understand that's a game of some sort), and some neat photos from family slides. Oh, also an interesting description of the current state of Galveston. Oh! and posts about her 50s Ginny dolls, too!


Karen said...

That's a nice block!

antique quilter said...

thats so exciting finding an antique fabric that has been reprinted for us to use today
Hope everything is working out for your son this semester now after his rocky start...


Quilts And Pieces said...

Thats pretty cool about the fabric!

Robin said...

That block is stunning! Beautiful work. :)

Tazzie said...

Love that DJ block, the fabric you've used is just adorable!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Love the blocks; been awhile since I have been able to read; I have much catching up to do! Now come up here and help me figure out the quickest and most attractive easy quilt to make for my soon to be married oldest son!
Always blessed

MARCIE said...

You must spend hours trying to figure how to manipulate the fabric just right. Of course that is why your blocks always look so fabulous! And I love your doll posed with your vintage quilt. It is so cool to find actual old fabrics and recognize them because they have been reproduced. Sweet!