Bunnies, Posies, Stickles, and an Old Photo

Oh please, you've got to go see Lola's blog; she has made a table runner from my Feedsack Bunnies pattern and it is so precious, vintage pink wool for the bunnies and vintage fabric for the bunny bloomers:

Plus I'm also thrilled that my Pollys in the Posies sample and patterns are on display in the LQS on the child's ironing board :-) :

Showed this Stickle block in earlier post; have since learned that the That Quilt tutorials live on, which is good news.

and the next block:

Now click on this old photo of an open air classroom in California in the 1880s, from a book called Pioneer Children; does that shape on the blackboard look like a quilt square to you? Maybe they made a block a week!


Nancy Anne in the Finger Lakes said...

And they all look so happy to be there, too ;o) It does indeed look like a block. And maybe some applique going on with the cup and saucer?

Gretchen said...

Those children do not look very happy to be in school. Maybe the benches are too hard?!? Your DJ blocks are gorgeous!

Betsy said...

cute runner. It is always nice to see your work interpreted by someone else.
I am glad you are still able to work on the DJ. You know mine are still in hibernation.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Don't they look so stern! I guess school just wasn't what it is today!

Wouldn't that be great of they were talking quilting... :o)

KC Quilter said...

Darling bunny runner!!! And how clever of you to cut diamonds from, well, diamonds LOL! And, actually, outdoor learnin' sounds pretty nice!

Betty said...

I don't know Karen...if those children are making quilt blocks they don't look very happy about it. A rather grim group. :)

That table runner is adorable!

Libby said...

Love seeing the interpretations of your designs *s*
Wouldn't we have all enjoyed school more if our classroom was under a big tree?

MARCIE said...

Great old photo. Look how dressed up they are. Esp. the boys. The perfection of your DJ blocks always overwhelmes me! And your darling bunnies and girlies! Sweet!

andsewon said...

Karen thanks for the Shout Out on my runner!! ;-)
I am thinking Pollys in the Posies may be calling my name too! Ha!!
I have a lil ironing board like that too. Was my sisIL's her Gramps made her, she is now 65. Also a dress her Aunt made her from feed sacks. Need to get a pic of both. I have them because MIL was tossing them out along with other stuff many years ago and no one but me loved the old stuff 35 yrs ago! Looks like a depression era photo.

meggie said...

Oh those children look so anxious!
It may well be a quilt block... would the boys have had to sew one too?
Love the tablerunner.

Sue said...

Ha! It sure does look like a quilt block. The teacher probably wouldn't let them quilt until algebra was done, thus the grumpy faces!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the pics you have posted. The color selection for your DD is very nice. I am only on part 2... slow going.

*karendianne. said...

What a trip - that old photo I mean. I'm thrilled to hear the That Quilt tutorials live on. I wasn't a participant but I know a lot of others were mightily quiltily disappointed. ;)

Have to admit, Pollys in the Posies is just tooooo cute!