No Kicking and a Voice

I hardly kicked this Dear Jane around the block at all; it was so smooth to sew! Wouldn't mind doing several of these:

(Hey, does anybody recognize the print above? I just had a little scrap of it on the cutting table from who knows where)

And another that was done with no trauma, phew:

If I could get A12 made, I could put together the first two rows of Dear Jane and get an idea whether the scrappy background look is going to work. Hard to believe I've actually made dozens of her blocks.

A tiny quilt voice in my head (I think it was Jane...she seemed very nice...a bit determined) told me I'd better fix this block, so, okay, Jane, I fixed it:


Tazzie said...

Your DJ blocks look just wonderful Karen hon. I feel sure your scrappy background will be fab, I did all different backgrounds in my first DJ, and I love the way it looks. If you like I'll send you some pictures.

Gypsy Quilter said...

No, I have not seen that first print before, and actually, I like both of those last 2 blocks. I wonder what Jane was thinking.

Tanya said...

Love your fabric choice for that black and grey block!

*karendianne. said...

That first print, is "Merrimack" from Judie Rothermel. I am happy there was no trauma and I have to say, I really love them all but #2 is a real favorite today.

Margaret Cooter said...

It must be so satisfying to see the DJ blocks starting to pile up! My group, London Quilters, did a DJ quilt as a raffle quilt, and it looked great, and raised £3000 for charity - so all that work was well and truly useful!

Karen said...

Looking good! I love the first one. :)

Quilts And Pieces said...

Really? Wow I love that block but it looks like it would be hard. They are all gorgeous!